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We must walk in His Light
to enter the Promised Land
Walking in our mind or might
is building on sinking sand.


by Fenny West

Call upon Me in the day of trouble
Lift your voice, hand and heart to your Maker
And I will rescue you from your struggles.
Show you I am Alpha and Omega.

Come to Me regardless of your weakness
Lift your eyes in spite of your Goliath
Come as you are despite your sin-sickness
And I will heal you, and give you strength.

It is time to silence the accuser
Take your freedom, come out of prison
It is time to say, ‘Hush!’ to the liar
and enter your Promised Land, your season.

We All Have a Story
by Fenny West      
2/24/2009  /  Testimonies


We all have a story
All warped by sin-sickness
Christ came to change our story
Turn our darkness to brightness

But we all need to admit
That we have missed the mark
Then Christ can make us fit
Ignite in us a fresh spark.

I was dead in my sin
Blinded by religion
Christ rescued me from the bin
one bound to oblivion.

Thank God for the day I called
Repented and God forgave
You too, today can call
Repent and you ‘ll rise from the grave

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Fenny West

God our Creator Hears and Answers Prayer
Call upon me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you,
and you will honor me.”

Psalm 50:15 NIV

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Come Now to Jesus

By Fenny West
Come now to Jesus

Make Him your focus

Come now to Jesus

To turn minus to plus.
Come now to Jesus

He’ll renew your life;

Come now to Jesus

To give you a new life.
Come now to Jesus

He will give you joy.

Come now to Jesus,

He will give you peace.
Come all you who labour,

He will give you rest.

Come all you hopeless;

He will give you hope.
Come all you in darkness,

He will give you light.

Come all who are blind,

He will give you sight.
Come all who are sin-sick,

He will heal you quick.

Come all who are weak,

He will make you strong.

Come all you confused

He’ll make your mind sound

Come all you abused,

He’ll turn your life around.

Come now to Jesus

Let Him take control

Come now to Jesus

He will save your soul.
Come all you hell bound

Into the Living Way

Hear redemption sound

Coming from Jesus the Way.
Today if you hear His voice

Harden not your heart

Make Him NOW your choice!

To have a Brand New Start.

Life’s Difficulties Turn into Opportunities

By Fenny West
Life’s difficulties Turn into Opportunities
When we turn our lives into His Almighty Hands.

Though the disciples despaired at Calvary,
At Easter they entered an overjoyed Land.

Despondency disappeared, so was timidity
Once again, they were on course for the Promised Land.

So, today, what is your personal tragedy?
Be wise, dare to place it in His powerful Hands.

With Him-the Most High-ALL things are possible.
Yes, the empty tomb rekindles HOPE in our struggles.

Fenny West

He rose! And with Him hope arose, and life and light.
Men said, “Not Christ, but Death, died yesternight.”
And joy and truth and all things virtuous rose when He rose- Anon
You, being dead in your trespass,…He has made alive together with Him. (Col.2:13)

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that whoever will read this will not see it as just another exercise in academia but a Word of Life from the Throne of Grace, to rekindle their Hopes and aspirations. May they meditate on it until it resurrects hope in them and propels them into their Promised Land. O that they will use their difficulties as stepping stones to higher grounds.

Holy Spirit, breathe on this poem and the reader and take them to a higher plane, higher heights and deeper depths in You.

Give them a new revelation knowledge of the finished work on Calvary’s cross- the reality of “It is Finished!”  In Jesus’ Name.

By Fenny West

In Ex 33 God was not pleased with the children of Israel and twice referred to them as ’stiff necked people’. Ever wondered why?

“Tell the Israelites, ‘You are a stiff-necked people. If I were to go with you even for a moment, I might destroy you.

Undoubtedly, Miracles are great, spectacular, mind-bowing, supernatural, convicting and convincing. But they are not a daily occurrence and we should not expect them daily. God gives miracles when He wants to. He is a sovereign God and does the miraculous according to His will. We need to develop our intimacy with Him and our faith in Him and learn to live by faith, appropriating the promises; obtaining them with the heavenly currency of faith.

Often we say ‘If I can just see a miracle I will believe.’ We forget that miracles do not make beliefs. You can see a miracle today and resort to doubt tomorrow when you’re faced with a different situation or even a similar situation.

The Israelites saw God at work first hand as He humiliated the Egyptians with the ten plagues while they were spared of the locusts, lice, flies, frogs, darkness, death of first born etc But when they came to the red sea and looked back and saw the Egyptians advancing, they panicked, grumbled and wanted to stone Moses.

God brought them out from Canaan to Egypt because of an approaching famine, gave them favour because of Joseph who had been sent ahead. They were settled in the best part of Egypt at that time-Goshen, before another Pharaoh who did not know Joseph came to power. They were maltreated from then on and they cried to the Lord and he heard their cry and decided to rescue them by sending Moses to Pharaoh to ‘let my people go!’ He was to take them to a Land flowing with milk and honey. Unfortunately they thought it would be milk and honey and partying all the way along. But God had a different plan- that of character building, patience, integrity, consecration, devotion, worship, intimacy, unity, love, selflessness, which were foreign to them.

And we too can often be like them. Why? Because they are a mirror of those who claim to believe in God, or God’s people. Only very few followed Him whole-heartedly, like Joshua and Caleb.

As they threw tantrums, Moses cried out to the Lord and the Lord told him to use his authority symbolized by the rod he had. He used the rod and the red sea was parted and they all walked through on dry ground. It was the first time that a sea had been parted. A highway, express way was created in a twinkling of an eye as the sea bed congealed and the waters stood at attention on both sides as they marched through. How awesome a sight! Millions of people crossed over to the other side. And when the Egyptians dared to continue in their pursuit venturing into the blood trap, Moses used his authority gain, stretching his rod over the highway which closed instantly engulfing the pursuing army of enemies. Moses’ prophetic utterance: “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. 14 The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” was fulfilled right before their eyes.

Some people see miracles and they explain it away with illogical logic. For instance they say the red sea was not deep and people could easily cross over. But they forget that it was in that same ‘not so deep sea’ that the Egyptian army was drowned.

Others believe the miracles but it’s just a passing phase, it does not build faith in them. They want the miracles all the time and have made God a celestial Santa or fairy god mother that they could make a wish to. and realise their dreams But God has something better- faith in God, growing in grace.

You would think that the difference God put between the Israelites and the Egyptians, His protection and provision would settle the issue of trust once and for all but it was not to be so. Soon they met with another problem or test of faith- bitter water and then no water and see the result.

They had just seen the parting of the red sea and were euphoric, singing:

4Pharaoh’s chariots and his host hath he cast into the sea: his chosen captains also are drowned in the Red sea.

5The depths have covered them: they sank into the bottom as a stone.

6Thy right hand, O LORD, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, O LORD, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.

7And in the greatness of thine excellency thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee: thou sentest forth thy wrath, which consumed them as stubble.

. Ex.15:4-7-18

They not only sang but danced too, gyrating, some doing acrobatics as they rejoiced over what the Lord had done, and rightly too. (Ex.15:20-21) But a few miles down the road they were tested again and failed the test. They encountered bitter water when they got thirsty. This is akin to the repeated trials we face on our way to the Promised Land.

They soon forgot that God was still in control. He had brought them there. He knew what He was doing. They forgot that Moses who led them there would have been thirsty too and had to do something about the bitter water. Some perhaps thought they could only get results by complaining. Little wonder we are told that they only knew the acts of God whilst Moses knew the ways of God. Moses knew why God gave the miracles. Moses knew the faithfulness of God. He knew God was refining them, training them for reigning like He does to us now from time to time. (Ex.15:22-25)

There was another water test in the desert of Sin which they failed again

4 Then Moses cried out to the LORD, “What am I to do with these people? They are almost ready to stone me.”

You would wonder why they had to face another water test. They had not passed the previous test.

This is why we repeatedly encounter certain tests because we have not passed them and God is fair and would not let us skip a grade. It is in our own interest though we would be hard-pressed to admit it

Strike the Rock

In Horeb they became thirsty again and there was no water and God told Moses to strike a rock and water gushed out. Ex17:5-7

Speak to the Rock

Later on another occasion they were faced with a similar test and Moses got into trouble ( failed his own test)by striking the Rock instead of speaking to it. That Rock we now know symbolized Jesus Christ who was crucified once and for all. Striking the Rock twice was like crucifying Him afresh. (Number 20:2-13 NKJV). Paul gave us that revelation here:(1Cor.10:1-5 NKJV)
Let us mix what we hear and the miracles we see with faith so that we would have God’s promised rest.

The Promise of Rest

1 Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith

Let’s not be like the 10 spies who saw the giants and forgot giant grapes they harvested and the Big God they served.

We need to watch what we say When you are tried. Lets us not say: “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.” we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.” Let us select a leader and return to Egypt.” (Num13:31-33NIV)! In the passages above, the Israelites craved to satisfy the desires of the flesh, no matter what and failed to see that they were being tested. They failed the test again and again by complaining and wanting to go back to Egypt- a picture of the world. We too will be so tempted to go back to the world when we face temptations or tests. That is why the scriptures were written for our example, teaching , correction, instruction in righteousness so that we would not be found wanting.

Let us speak words of faith. Confess the Promises. Take sides with God, quiet our roaring voices o doubt. with ‘God is able and we are able with Him.’

Let be like Joshua and Caleb who brought a good report in spite of the giants they saw.

30 Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.” (Num13:30, Num 14:7-10 Num14:27-30)

Your salvation itself is a miracle; in fact the miracle of miracles. That you and I who were once dead in sin , without hope, groping in the dark, imprisoned by the devil, enslaved, hell-bound, blind, received our sights, were raised from the dead; enemies of God are now friends of God, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ; that is a miracle. We need to remind ourselves from time to time, especially in times when we don’t have things our own way or when don’t get what we want when we expect them. ‘Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ‘The kingdom of God is more than food and drink.’

It is all about Him and not us. He has good plans for us regardless of what we face. His plans remain good and all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purposes. We are in training for reigning and if we suffer with Him we will also reign with Him.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Rom.8:18NKJV

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.2Cor.3:188 We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; 9persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed2Cor4.8-916 Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory,(2Cor.4:17)

3Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

4No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

(2Ttim.2:3-4 KJV)

Thank God when He gives you a miracle but don’t make a shrine on the altar of miracles. Grow up! Grow in grace. Grow in faith for daily living! Miracles do not make belief as we have seen from the foregoing. Having miracles always will make our growth stunted and make us spoilt kids. God has something better.

On the other hand, let’s not go to the other extreme where we regard miracles as a thing of the past. That would be unbelief in itself and amount to putting God in a box. Let God be God! He works miracles even in this day and age. He said, ‘I am the Lord, I change not.’ Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to day and forever.

In our sojourn to the Promised Land, God is building our character-the whole being. Let’s expect miracles but in His own terms at the time He chooses. Let’s eat His Word, chew it, digest it, meditate on it, practice it, mix faith with it; buy the heavenly goodies with the currency of faith. Let’s be wise to know when we are being tested and endure hardness as good soldiers of Christ and pass the tests that come our way and move up higher to His glory.

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As You Celebrate

As you celebrate your Birthday,
may you experience a New Era and Day
of opportunity, productivity
felicity and victory.

As your days,
so may your strength and zeal be.

Wishing You a very Happy Birthday

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
May it be the dawning of a New Day
A New Era of great inspirations
Far beyond your wildest imagination.

May you be filled with New Zeal
With all you do and with whom you deal.
May you hear and sing a New Song;
A song that would cheer and would be long.

By Fenny West

Seeing Through God’s Eyes


 God’s ways are not our ways; the way He speaks is often unconventional, because He sees everything and knows everything He declares the end from the beginning and gives us a preview of what will be before they come into being. He ‘calls those things that be not as though they were.’

 Subsequently, He tells us ‘I have given you I have delivered into your hands, It is yours ‘when from the natural stand point it is not yours; it is in the hands of your enemies. But you have to takes sides with God, see through His eyes, obey His bidding, seek and obtain the strategy He has in store for you to possess your possession. You have live the dream, speak the dream; thank God for His promises, His faithfulness, His integrity, His ability and sovereignty before it manifests.

1 Now Jericho was tightly shut up because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.

  2 Then the LORD said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men.


 March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. 4 Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. 5 When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have all the people give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the people will go up, every man straight in.”

Passing the Test of Obedience

 There will always be a test of obedience because God wants to shape our character on our journey not the Promised Land.

  The red sea will show up as we advance into the Land of milk and honey. Pharaoh will pursue us. Often there will be famine in the Land like it happened to Abraham. Goliath will rear his ugly head and taunt us day and night, ‘Where is your God? The well around us may dry up. We may see the children of Anak who will look like men eating giants, breathing fire and brimstone through their mouths. These are just a few symbols barriers you and I will face before the breakthrough. Whether or not we make it through depends on how acquainted we are with the scriptures and how determined we are to hold on to the Lord and His promises.
 The battle is His not ours and as we obey Him, He goes before us to make very crooked path straight.

 Faith and Corresponding Action

 God wants to see faith not fear. This was why He told Joshua several times, ‘Fear not! I will be with you wherever you go.’ ‘Be strong and be of good courage.’

 So when you see the challenges, that is the time to speak God’s word- His promises to you. Faith must be evidenced by a corresponding action. Faith without a corresponding action is dead. (Jam. 2:14, 20, 26) We walk by faith and not by sight,(2Cor 5:7). Without faith, is it impossible to please God.’ (Heb.11:6) So use what God has given you. Moses had to use the rod- a symbol of the authority God had given him. Use the word; use prayer, use positive confession. Obey God’s clear instructions.

Speaking God’s language

 ”Shout! For the LORD has given you the city! Start declaring God’s promises. Pray it back to Him. Thank and praise Him for the victory in advance. Declare His Goodness, His love His power

The Result of obedience

 On the seventh day, they got up at daybreak and marched around the city seven times in the same manner, except that on that day they circled the city seven times. 16 The seventh time around, when the priests sounded the trumpet blast, Joshua commanded the people, “Shout! For the LORD has given you the city!

When the trumpets sounded, the people shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the people gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so every man charged straight in, and they took the city. 21 They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in itmen and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys. ( Josh 6:15-21)

If you obey the Lord, you will eat the best of the Land; you will live your days in pleasure; God will make you prosper and subdue your enemies. You will be the head and not the tail. Those who come against you in one way will flee in seven ways. The glory of the Lord will be your rearguard. You will not go out in flight. His peace which transcends all understanding will mount guard over your heart and mind like an umpire, determining with divine finality, the mind of God.

 The ridiculous before the miraculous

God will often tell you to do the ridiculous before He gives you the miraculous. This was the case when they had to march round a heavily fortified and secured city with wall that seemed impenetrable and what more? They to march round the city six times in silence for six days. Logic would have questioned the importance or wisdom of doing such a ‘foolish’ thing. They obeyed God and He turned the hopeless situation around.

 Besides, they had to shout the shout of victory before the prize was in their hands.

So when God says ‘Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given you’ (Josh1:3), you better believe Him, enquire of His strategy for making the dream a reality.

Bible School of Prayer

By: Fenny West

Learning from the prayers of the Bible.

This is the first in a series of Bible studies on prayer. they are designed with a view to improve, enhance, assuage, concretize, establish and ground your prayer life.

I shall be taking the prayers of the Bible at random, highlighting the nuggets I have seen and outlining the lessons from them.

As you apply the lessons to your prayer life, have no doubt that your prayer life will not only be enriched but taken to a New Dimension.

Learning from Ezra
Prayerfully read Ezra 9:6-15

The Nuggets:
1. Passion and emotion involved Ezra 9:6 O my God, v10 But now, O Our God, v15 O Lord, God of Israel
2. Humility – I am too ashamed to lift up my face to you, my God because-He does not come pretending that all is right or because he is right everything is ok. He acknowledges that he has a responsibility to God and his people; and the peoples’ sin is his sin; he cannot brush things under the carpet v6
3. The enormity of sin- tells you how bad sin is; create a barrier, a brazen wall an impenetrable cloud between us and God Isa 59:2 recognizes this in his choice of words- ‘great guilt’, v13 ‘what has happened is the result of our great guilt…’
4. Intercession :He is praying not just himself but his people- a selfless prayer, a type of prayer we must grow into- praying with all kinds of prayer, Jesus daily lives to make intercession for us, the Holy spirit intercedes for us; he is our advocate; 1Tim2:1 tells to make intercession and thanks giving for everyone, Neh 1:5-11
5. Generational sin acknowledged- snowballing of repercussions v7 from the days of our forefathers, we and our kings and our priests
6. Consequences of sin specificity of effects: sword (death), captivity (bondage, slavery, imprisonment, being carried away, exile, refugee status like an asylum seeker), pillage (destruction, damage, not just physical but your psyche) humiliation (disgrace, face covered with shame)
7. Grace amidst sin: v8 ‘Our God has been gracious..’ window of opportunity to escape: Good’s mercy 1 Cor 10:13; God makes a way of escape; gives room for turning, repentance. The question is: Will you see it; the olive branch v8 God left a remnant; they could have all been wiped out, but God spared their lives
8. Acknowledges what God has done: v8 ‘gives light to our eyes’ has not deserted them, still faithful, loyal, shown them kindness, granted favor before a foreign king of Persia
9. New life for a purpose: v9

  • to rebuild house; as with the physical so the spiritual; because we are his temple, his dwelling place 1 Cor 6:18-20 your body is a temple of God, 2 Cor 6:16 what agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the Living God….

  • repair ruins.: regain lost grounds; repent, walk with God wholeheartedly

10. v11. Interjection of the scriptures in his prayer suggesting he knew the scripture and knew how to apply it in prayer; praying the word; even if it is convicting them ‘the land you’re going to possess is a land polluted by the corruption of its people. By their detestable practices …do not give your daughters.. do not take their daughters; do not seek a treaty of friendship…; God did not want any accommodation, compromise or truce, Rom 12:1-2, 1 Cor 6:18-20, 2 Cor 6:18
11. He justified how God treated them; and that God was even lenient with them in other words ‘We merit being wiped out’; they were not better than those who had died; it was by the grace of God that they were alive
12. Rhetoric questions: These are questions whose answers we know; questions with obvious answers.’ shall we again break your commands and intermarry .. ? Rom 12:1-2, 2 Cor 6:16, 1 Cor 6:18-20, 1 John 2:15-17, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, pride of life, Gen 3, Matt 4, Luke 4; would you not be angry…?
13. Here we are before you – waiting for God’s response.
14. There was great response by the people as they surrounded him and acknowledged their sins themselves, owning up to, agreeing to what he said Ezra 10

The Lessons:

  • Let your emotions be involved, be passionate – O Lord, my God .. 2 Chro 20, Neh 1

  • We must come to God in humility especially when we have sinned

  • Move from praying just for yourself to intercessory prayer -pray for others- the Church , your Church , the nation, your leaders

  • Know that sin create a big barrier between us and God

  • Don’t brush aside sin acknowledge it confess it forsake it, even for others as you stand in the gap “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.” Ezek 22:30

  • Beware of generational sins, confess it if the Holy Spirit brings it to your attention

  • We must identify the specific consequences of sin and seek to be delivered we don’t want spiritual death, bondage, imprisonment by Satan or the World or our bad habits keeping us from entering our Promised land , the best of the Land Isa 1:19

  • We must always acknowledge the grace of God and take any window of opportunity He gives us to repent.

  • God is always there it is we who are lost and need to find Him, run to Him seek Him while He ay be found, those who seek Him, find Him, ‘If you seek me, you will find me if you seek me with all you your heart.’ Jer 29:13; God’s light comes when we’re searching the darkness

  • Use rhetoric questions for effect from time to time; ‘Are you not the one who said ….’

  • God grants us favor- unmerited blessings, mercy, kindness from unexpected quarters

  • Your New Life is for as purpose. Find out that purpose and fulfill it.

  • Your restoration is for a purpose; find what it is and fulfill it – rebuilding repairing, refuel, rededicate, renew pledge, confess your sin unreservedly, confess the word

  • When you finish praying, wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3, 2 Chro 20:12-13

May the Lord transform your prayer life as you apply these truths.

I Need Somebody! Can I Count On You?

By Fenny West

Who Will Go for Me? I Need Somebody.
God wants to deliver those in bondage; those He loves, those Christ died for who are still oppressed by the devil; those who have not heard the Good News of the Gospel. He wants to rescue those ensnared and captured by the devil; those who are blinded by the god of this age. But He cannot go by Himself. He works through human beings, me, you, men and women who have had an encounter with Him;

who know the truth and have been set free, co-labourers with Him, His hand and His feet, His voice. His looking for those who will see what He sees, feel what He feels and have compassion like He does and would say, ‘Lord here I am send me.’ He is saying even as He said to Ezekiel: ‘I sought for ‘someone’ who will make a hedge, stand in the gap between Me and the Land, so that I will not destroy it’ Will He find you or me or would He say, ‘I found none?’ Will you sacrifice and seek His face and pray His heart and go where He sends you or will you do your own thing now that you are saved?

You are the Bible some people will read and come to know Him. Are you representing Him well? What is your testimony like? Are you allowing Him to live His life through you? He said, ‘And you shall receive power’ after the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be witnesses for Me. What type of a witness are you? Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed or are you one of those saying we only know about the baptism of water or that ‘baptism with the evidence of speaking in tongues is not for us anymore’? Are you counting on your enticing words governed by man’s wisdom or are you witnessing with the demonstration of the Spirit’s power? Do you see the power of God at work in your life or have you limited Him? Do you just have a form of godliness but denying the power that follows it? Are you living and waking by the spirit as not to fulfil the lust of the flesh or does anything go with you? Does God call the shuts on your life or are you pretty much your own boss. Is Jesus truly Lord of ALL of You? Do you know that if He is not Lord of all the He is not Lord at all? Do you remember when He said,’ not all that say, “Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of God”? Does that not scare or concern you? Have you examined yourself to see if you are still in the faith or are you deceiving yourself with ‘Once saved always saved?’ ‘Shall we continue in sin for grace to abound?’ What do you say? ‘Come out from among them and be separate.’ Does that mean anything to you? Saying a sinner’s prayer is not the same thing as being converted. Have you moved from salvation (confession) to conversion, to consecration? Or are have you stagnated? Do you know that the Christian life is like riding a bicycle, you are either moving forward or you fall down?

Have you believed a lie and made Your God so small that He does not work miracles in this day and age? Do you believe that God still speaks to His people? When last did you hear from Him or are you depending and surviving on yesterday’s stale manna? My sheep hear My Voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. Have you gagged, stultified and restrained the Holy Spirit with your pet doctrines or commandments of men, honouring Him with your mouth but your heart is far from Him? What type of fruit are you producing? ‘By their fruit you shall know them.’
Is my Priority your priority? Are we singing from the same hymn sheet? Are we in symphony, harmony or pulling on opposite direction? Who is leading and who is following? Are you following My timetable or are you tabling yours for Me to sanction? Have you understood My seasons in life?

Do you know your purpose in this life? Are you committed to it or are you rather interested in your agenda? Do you know that without Me you can do nothing? Why are you kicking against the goads? It’s futile, do you know? Ask Pal and he will tell you.

Will you answer the call today or will you keep making excuses like Moses?
I work with men and women who have surrendered to me, totally sold-out to Me, who will say; ‘Not my will but Your will be done.’

I am looking for those who will sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom; those who will die daily; those crucified with Christ and who nevertheless will live their lives by faith in the Son of God who gave His life for them. I am looking for those who will spend and be spent for My purposes. I am looking for those who will take dominion in the earth, representing Me, multiplying, replenishing, abounding even through tribulation, leaving a legacy that will glorify Me; a people who may be hard-pressed yet by the power of the Holy Spirit they are not crushed; saints who may be perplexed yet not in despair; persecuted yet knowing beyond doubt that they are not abandoned; a people who may be knocked down yet know that they are not knocked out; they get up and keep going, not by might nor by power but by my Spirit. I am looking for a people who will love their enemies and pray for those who abuse them; a people who will be a beacon for Me shining their light such that men will see their good works and glorify Me. I am searching for men and women who will be a salt of the earth, preserving my truth in a perverse and crooked generation; men and women who will not compromise my Word, men and women like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, Joseph, Daniel, Mary, Esther etc. I am looking for men and women with integrity and excellent spirit, a ‘different spirit’ like Joshua ad Caleb; men and women after my heart, like David.

Can I count on You? I Need Somebody!


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  1. Start with prayer. Ask God to prepare you to meet with Him. If there is something in your life that you know displeases Him, confess it. Let Him forgive you so that nothing will hinder your communion together.         

  2. Get in the Bible and read. If you are not very familiar with the Bible, you may wish to start with the New Testament. Many people think that the Gospel of John is a good place to start. Perhaps you would enjoy reading one or two of the Psalms every day.  It doesn’t matter where in the Bible you read, or how much you read, as long as you understand and absorb what you read. Even if it is one verse a day!

  3. Meditate on it for a while after you have read a passage. Think about what you read, and ask yourself what it means. What does God want you to do? Remember, even though you may not understand all you read in the Bible, you can still obey what you do understand.         

  4. Write down questions about the passage as you read. It is good to write down the things you learn and the questions you have. Later you can search out the answers from someone who knows the subject or Bible commentaries.  Feel free to email us with any questions you have.  If we don’t know the answer, we will find somebody who does.         

  5. Then read the passage again. Reading it the second time usually brings to light things you didn’t notice the first time. This is a great way to learn on your own; for as you read, you’ll have God’s Holy Spirit as your teacher (John 14:26).         

  6. Finally, pray again. Thank God for sending His Son to die for you. Thank Him for giving you His Word (the Bible) because without it you would have no answers to life’s big questions. Thank Him for teaching you from the passage you have just read.       


  • Many new Christians start a quiet time each day with great enthusiasm, but they soon get too busy and somehow God gets squeezed out.         

  • Consistency is the key. The person who merely samples the Word of God never acquires much of a taste for it. You must come back to God’s Word daily for Him to feed you, just as you come to a table daily to eat physical food.

  • Once you start, don’t quit!

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Thank you Fenny for your lovely poem and wishing Christmas. Happy Christmas to you and your family and may light of the face of God shine on you on this special day.

God bless you

Thank you

Thank you very much, Thirsty, for your encouragement and lovely prayers.

Wishing you a fantastic Christmas and glorious New Year!

May the grace of the Lord abound to you.



Happy Christmas to you Fenny and God bless for all the work you do for Him.

Thank you very much, Wordoflife, for showing your appreciation.  It is very encouraging.

Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas and wonderful New Year!


Lovemylord :Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Thank you very much, lovemylord for your thoughtfulness. I am delighted to hear from you. 

Wishing you a great Happy Christmas and a New Year filled with goodness and mercy of God, more than you can ask or think.



I am very grateful, 4given, for your remembrance and kind wish

Wishing you a great Christmas and a New Year of manifold exploits.


Thank you very much, angelicsmile, for thinking of me

at this time.

May the Lord shower His blessings upon you in a special way, this Christmas and much more in the coming year.



Come Holy Spirit

Such a phenomenal poem about the Holy Spirit! I am glad you mention Eph. 5:18. All true Christians have the Holy Spirit in dwelling in their lives and a New Birth. Rom 8:9 ..u however are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you.. As your poem says, to begin a holy life is to continue it. From the beginning we are born of the Spirit (John 3:5), baptized in the spirit (II Cor. 12:13), anointed in the Spirit (II Cor 1:21,22) and sealed with the Spirit (in ownership with Christ Eph. 1: 13,14) Like my husband always says, our Pentecost with zones of comfort come with growth and progress as we are not only filled with it but also walking with it. The Holy Spirit works also well with the gift of prophecy Lots of it in your writing TY xx 


Do you know the ‘I Am’?

Fenny interesting poem about I am who I am. His name does not simply exist but how it came into existence, happened, became, made of, which is not only a change of name but a deeper knowledge of his personality. If His name means to become and to bring into existence we can say that he fully realizes His promises in the Light surely not where the sun does not shine. Ex. 23: 20,21 – see i am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place i have prepared. Pay attention to him and and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion since my Name is in him. His sacred name shines through his messengers who spread the importance of its significance throughout the world. TY!

Walking I the Light

Fenny this poem is full of strong guidance and enlightening. This verse from the Bible is so very true and lots tailor this line in this world ending.. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction. You can’t be lukewarm with God and destruction is scary. God does not bring temptation to us but He allows it to test us in our appetites against nature Jesus was tempted in the wilderness. But He was Light and made darkness fled. There is no business possible in the shade or suggestive amusements. Light comes with obedience and knowing his commands. I am glad to be on the right side Your poem is very wholesome like a spiritual meal. TY and God bless


Re Barnabas-Son of consolation-Barnabas is a great example of Christian brotherhood. Barnabas reach out to people following a failure or at the beginning of a ministry.

I believe you could better communicate Barnabas’ character by using scripture to imagine what moved and motivated him to reach out to Paul and to John Mark.

I think that by writing it in this way your reader might see how they could do the same thing in their life.

Randall K. Tyson 

Bisi Odubanjo

Fenny, of all your poems, THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE. I love it!!!! Keep on trucking!!

God bless!



Fenny – this is brilliant. you should submit it to an cultural and / or Nigerian poetry competitions. although i don’t understand all the Nigerian words the feel of the poem is the best i have ever read from you. it has great potential.

would you consider teaming up with another Nigerian musician & turn it into a song? would you consider submitting it to Nigerian culture web sites? would you submit it to Nigerian magazines and or radio stations.

let’s have more in this classic Nigerian genre.

Louis Hemmings

Fen, in one word – BRILLIANT! Bless you mightily!

G x

Hello, my “friend” …

Read over what you sent me.  Sure does sound a little demonic???

I’m praying for you.




Una Don Hear My Tory

Una don hear my tory?

Me ade very pregnant O.

My water go soon burst!

No be me say so

Na God say so

Hin say goodness and mercy

go follow me all my days

If I make Jesus my Lord.

So I no waste time

I make am Oga kpata kpata.

So my dreams no go die

God’s plan 4 my life no go fail

no devil go abort my destiny

I go see the grace of God

Any way I turn; Him Word say so.

I go see the power of God

In my life time, soon and very soon

When my enemies shoot their arrows

Them no go find me or touch me

Becos me ade hide inside the Rock

God don send hin angels 2 me

Them dey surround me everyday

Na him make I no go fear any evil.

He even throw a Big party 4 me

when my enemies dey look on

Food dey like on Christmas day

Jollof rice, moi moi, chikin, plenty

Ground rice, egusi soup, even elubo.

mmmmh your mouth don dey water

I eat and eat and eat until I belly wise.

And if you know am

you no need to worry

God go take care of you

him go provide for you

Him go cause Prosperity to find you

Greet you and stay with you

Peace go live with you, not leave you

When your enemy knock on the door

Grace go answer am, go ahead of you

becos God born you to be the head

And not the tail; so you no go fail

Instead your troubles go make you sail

Any fires way come your way go make you shine-

Shine like gold, like Job, shine like a star

Hin way save you 4 six troubles

Go save you in de seventh trouble.

You no go go under 4 going over

Moreover, God go pull you over.

No weapon them form against you go prosper

You go step on the lion and cobra

You go laugh at calamity

No bad news go shake you

God go fight 4 you and you go hold your peace

De people way come against you in one way

Them go run away seven ways, shaken, beaten, battered

You no go wear a coat of shame

In Jesus name, Amen and Amen.


Diane you may not have heard that type of language before hence it sounded demonic to you, unfortunately.

This is Nigerian native English- adulterated ; pigeon English is the real term.

By the grace of God I am safe, sound, and demonic oppression is far from me.

Here is the translation:

 Have you heard my story?

I am pregnant

my water will soon burst.

I’m not the one saying so

God says so.

He said goodness and mercy

will follow me all my days

if I make Jesus my Lord.

Hence I did not waste time.

I made Him My Sovereign Lord.

So my dream will not die

God’s plan for my life will not fail.

No devil will abort my destiny.

I will see the grace of God wherever I turn.

God’s word says so.

I will see the power of God

In my life time; soon and very soon.

When my enemies shoot their arrows,

They will not touch me or see me

Because I am hiding in the Rock.

God has despatched His angel to me,

They are surrounding me every day,

That is why I will not fear any evil.

He even threw a Big party for me

Right before my enemies

Who just look on.

There was abundance of food

like on Christmas – Joloff rice, moi moi

Egusi soup, chikin, surplus

Ground rice, even elubo ( Nigerian delicacies)

mmmmmh I can sense your mouth watering!

I ate and ate until I was full to over-flowing.

And if you know Him,

No need to worry.

God will take care of YOU.

He will provide for you;

He will cause Prosperity to find you;

Greet you and stay with you;

Peace will live with you, not leave you;

When your enemy knocks on the door,

Grace will answer it, go ahead of you,

Because You’re born to be the head

And not the tail; so you will no fail.

Instead, your troubles will make you sail.

Any fires that come your way will make you shine-

Shine like gold, like Job, shine like a star.

He Who saved you in six troubles

Will  save you in the  seventh trouble.

You will not go under for going over

Moreover, God will pull you over.

No weapon formed against you will prosper

You will step on the lion and cobra

You will laugh at calamity.

No bad news will shake you.

God will fight for you and you will hold your peace.

Those  who come against you in one way

Will flee away  in seven ways,

Shaken, beaten, battered, broken.

You will not wear a coat of shame.

In Jesus name, Amen and Amen.




From Reforrmation to regeneration

I looove this poem about being born of the Spirit and renewed. I had this experience 6 years ago and changed my whole life!! It’s so true what u say about reformation to transformation while individual suffering has no respite and collectively the world also. We nevertheless continue to found a refuge in His Spirit renewed in the midst of the rubble or bubbles for others. To be led in the Spirit by gift of prophecy is highly powerful! It is evident in your unique poetry. My husband told me about this in I Cor. 14:20.. Spirit directed living is infantile in many ways and the maturing believer has to be told and guided at every turn by God. You raise another beautiful parable about the son coming back home after being lost for a long time. This is a very strong reference. The final touch is sensational with this. God bless!

God of creation-I see you got all inspired by Creation such a rewarding and warming theme. I like the sequences in this poem from creation to adoration passing by Jesus and Abraham. There is a lot of momentum in your invincible poem. Too bad confusion of good and evil began in Eden. The original sin has progressed to great lengths and disobedience and alienation. This poem has a lot of light and challenge darkness any time. Being an angel of light i fear Nothing in His Creation. I am in awe every time i see a hue in color. He is the Greatest God Alive. We are under His majestic wings.

Mightier than the Tunder

This is gorgeous poetry Fen feels like a tale song. Your creativity is soaring high. I agree with you that God and salvation is an awesome high better than drugs. God is stronger medecine always

You Are the Lord -A beautiful tribute to God Fenny. Reminds me of Paul praising him after he was releasing from prison, he said that he discovered in his cell that beyond belief and love there is a delight in God. Sometimes it takes that extent for some to touch God as a deep and extraordinary ectasy of spiritual happiness. God is not blind. He will cease your heart and teach you lessons you won’t forget. I like this aspect of Instructor and Guide from him. He is the top Lawyer of this universe. With him, you never loose. The Love of God and His Divine Attributes are distinguishable from the actual world. I read this riches take wings, comforts vanish, hope withers away but love stays. God is Love too. Ah i have to write spiritual poems to my husband to his demand and fly. TY for your creativity.

Peace Be Still!-Chezer

Fenny astounding poem i love it soo much. Very strong. It’s hard to find peace in a very dysfunctional world with wars, child killers, murderers, thieves and fraud, poverty, hunger. The chief of the world is Satan and his demons. I John 4:4 My husband loves to preach about peace and set the example. I love him so dearly Ps 46:1 said that God is our refuge and our strength an ever present help in trouble. What a simple and great promise like your awesome poem. That does not imply the ones who keep repeating same sins and their plateau is about a double agenda of God worship. It is not approved. It’s like trying to milk a donkey. Reading your poem feels like i’ve been on Mount Sinai today My husband still have my wings. We’ll see. Nice work.



Fenny your are a wonderful person full of God and a candle to show people the way. Danny Kiggins


Waking by the Spirit is loving peace;

Going from slave to sin to mastering sin;

Dying to self, crucifying the flesh;

Being full of good fruit, impartial, sincere.

Walking by the Spirit is sensitivity to the Spirit;

Going where He pleases and doing what He says;

Eating and drinking the Word of life for abundant life;

Letting your light shine; being a city on a hill.

Tempering your temper and your tongue;

Walking in love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness

Patience, self-control, humility, gentleness

Compassion, harmony, wisdom, faithfulness

Praying and praying and praying without ceasing.


Firstly, I think you meant, “Walking by the Spirit”, not ‘Waking by the Spirit”. The message here is good, but I’m not sure this would be considered poetry in the true sense of the word. Although poetry does not have to rhyme, it does need to have some type of rhythm or flow, which I don’t see here.
I hope I’m not being too harsh, but I believe you have all the elements here to create something special, with just a little work.

David Pekrul


Walking by the Spirit is loving peace;

Letting your slavery and struggle cease;

Going from victim, to a victor;

And yielding to the Great Intercessor.

Dying daily to self, crucifying flesh;

Bearing Spirit-fruit, negating sin’s crush;

Going where He pleases, doing what He says;

Shunning the Broad Way, walking the Narrow Way;

Being a gentle giant, adamant in trials

Praying without ceasing, persevering in denials

Waking by the Spirit is…

Eating the Word, drinking the water of life,

Heeding His voice, living abundant life,

Making Him Your choice, letting your light shine,

Reading and interpreting well divine sign;

Being a City on a Hill, tempering your temper

Taming your tongue, ignoring the Tempter

Walking in love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness

Cultivating compassion and faithfulness.

Sowing to the spirit, loving with your heart

Giving Him your all and not just a part.





15/10/07 Spirit of Grace for the Race of Grace-


 What a beautiful and strong poem Fenny on grace, a lot of divine beauty and elegance. Very effective when u use a series of adjectives about mercifulness. How can you be holy when you are not? Sanctification is about the 10 commandments and not skipping one. You reap what you sow. Simple as that. Love these lines-
Giving gifts of God, to glorify God;
To build the Body of Christ, to benefit all;
Ignites vision, works the miraculous;
Justification is like the rights of a profile or a photograph. Is it imparted or imputed, by the power of God’s indwelling Spirit. Is it faith and obedience in grace. How can you have peace when you sin gravely.. Battling for holiness when you can’t.. Paul in grace said in Rom 7:24,25 be an advanced believer instructing not against soul and body. All in the Bible. God bless.



Mon pied dansant Flickering
Cueillant le feu des sables
Le regard inondé
Du ruissellement de tes réves
Ton être saisi de magnificence
L’arôme de ta beauté
Baume des jardins
Je te donnerai des silences si profonds
Que seul entendra le bruit de ton âme
Berce-moi de tes chansons si calmes
Que tes yeux éloignent ma crainte ne jamais te voir
D’une étreinte puissante dis-moi que tu m’aimes
Je te servirai d’une fidélité si grande
Et je t’aimerai comme jamais on t’a aimé


my flickering

some sand


Trust in the Lord– Such a power in this poem. I like its simplicity which increases its spiritual impact. Man is a direct disobedience. The beginning of all pain and sorrow and suffering in the world started there.. We pollute our own environment. I agree with all the above in establishing reliability with God’s word. Separation from God is instant spiritual death, gradual physical coz imperfection and ultimate eternal for grave sins. Rom 5: 12 says .. because all sinned. Due to inheritance but he provided us with the tools to fix our mistakes and sins. He directs paths for the ones who want to follow Him. From another reference point, may have a very difficult time meeting with God. It’s a spiritual warfare. Good always wins 



Great God- Laura Shaw- Fenny, I’m getting caught up on my reading, and I’m so glad I saw this! Amazing! Not only is it pretty to look at in form, it is also the kind of piece that makes me want to fall on my knees in reverent worship. Once again, you’re pointing people upward instead of to yourself. 

 Now You’re light- Faith’s time to shine… Eph 5:8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light. You have written an excellent poem…Faith Daniels

Laura Shaw-Fenny, Again you nailed it! I love when you point to the Savior, and you do so beautifully….Bless you!


Faultless before His presence

I personally just cannot connect to poetry for God. Not to say I am an Atheist or angry at Christians. I just have never been able to feel comfortable as a fellowship when it comes to something like religion. I know it’s strange but I am keep my religion to myself… not even my husband and I really converse about it. But this was a well written poem Nicely done

Connecting to poetry for God is not the natural thing to do. Many people tend to keep their religion to themselves like you do. However if you were looking for a husband for  along time and got married you would want everyone to know about him. You will be passionate about him, oblivious to what people might say. Besides, religion is man-made and often a stumbling block but mine is a relationship which is a world of difference.  That is my story.

I decided to live for Him because I was hopeless and He gave me hope; worthless and He gave me worth; groping in the dark and He lifted me into His marvellous light; filthy and He cleansed me.

And what more? I  realised that my gifts and talents were from Him and should be used to glorify Him; used as He led by His spirit. As I relied on Him and surrendered to Him, He put His ‘extra’ on my ‘ordinary’ and put His ‘super’ on my ‘natural’. From then on I could  connect poetry to Him proudly. And what He has done for me, He can do for anybody because He is no respecter of persons. He loves us all with an everlasting love.

Return to me with all your heart

Soo exceptionally beautiful! You are a pilaster of faith and a tower of sight! This is written with depth and caring. I never read the features. Compare to u it’s nothing. The ability to rejoice in any situation is a sign of spiritual maturity. U use expressions like pray & pray, don’t depend on luck, don’t procrastinate, knock, given All to u, very potent key words! Unfortunately some may choke on their spiritual supper. Still as u say in spiritual darkness and upheaval for others, only the forward-looking sincere christian remains rewarded here and later. I feel just fine with my husband. But John 16:22 promises light unless Your Time of Grief and Hardship troubles will outweigh and suffering will shroud sunshine if we remain unteacheable. The cup will be bitter and the burden heavy. Matt. 11 says that to take his yoke is easy and is burden light. I never worry with God you are invicible.

Opportunities often come dressed as Problems

Another fantastic poem Fenny! The title means it all. I was thinking the other way around, like problems becoming opportunities and do they ever when it comes to the highest ethic ) So many are unattractive to His feet being disloyal in inducements and hypocrite in wanting it both ways. You seem to refer to opportunities as negative. I tend to see them as positive Lifting the oppression and expressing the truth is quite validating to Everyone to know the real deal! Such a human calamity! John 14: 6 says he’s the way, truth and life. God helps us with problems if we are real with Him not double agenda, and be a ‘total’ unblemished record in the record of intimacy. A true behavioral feature of Christ. If we resist it’s due to Christ. Thank God i rejoice to be under His protection and serve Him. I am blessed always! God Bless too!

Saved to serve my Saviour- This poem Fenny is sublime! For some reason i relate it to another one u wrote on Opportunities. To serve Him is golden minutes of opportunity. Eph 5 says to be very careful making the most of every opportunity cause the days are evil. There is nothing more encouraging and rewarding than serving Him. Life is a glorious schoolroom to prepare us for heaven graduation. It may be tough alright and some fail the tests. It’s worth to keep trying and get the rewards at the end. James 4:14 says.. what is your life? you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Meanwhile, God gives us each day to grow in knowledge and be thankful for his great love and sacrifice as you refer beautifully in your poem. God bless

Wonderful things He has prepared for us

Very good and another angle to approach this. He is totally Almighty and is love and comfort. While we live we prepare our way and be accountable. Math 7:23 says “i never knew you. Away from me”. Talking about people playing many fields at once. When spring comes and filled with new perfumes of nature, feels like a very beautiful place to be prepared for us, a crystal clear lake, pine trees, wildflowers, a million stars. Heaven will be more than that. He is the God of Beauty preparing for us an awesome place to be with pure and clean air, not the pollution surrounding us and landfills nowadays. I’m sure we are in for some wonderful surprises in Heaven with a new song giving glory to Christ. Not everyone will have this unique chance. Me and my husband have enjoyed your poem. TY God Bless.

Creator and sustainer of all things

Thank you Fenny for this exemplary poem about Creation! These ones are my very fave and never i read the featured. Yours are too good!!
I bow down and worship, King of kings.
I love the sound of this and so hard for many to bow down rather they look from high and fall flat too. He created the world in His own rhythmn of existence.. Imagine how much pleasant and fun it was for Him to create a shape or color just to make us happy!! (Gen. 2) In Gen. 1, he created evening and morning. He had His own way in measuring His days and His love in the dawn of humanity. We owe Him everything and we belong to Him totally not as a misfit/match. God bless.

Walking by the Spirit- love this poem a great deal too!! All true christians have the Holy Spirit dwelling in their lives from day one in the New Birth. To have Christ is to have the spirit. Eph. 5. Love this line –
Going from slave to sin to mastering sin;
Dying to self, crucifying the flesh;
This reminds me for some reason of my husband. Feels like you are more focused on emptying than on filling, on the flesh and sensational rather than obedience to God. You have the choice of darkness or sunlight in christian service. This poem is very strong in faith and light to be born of the Spirit, be baptized in the Spirit, anointed with the Spirit.. sealed with the Spirit. I was thinking yesterday about my baptism by immersion and i was blessed in my meditation in growth and progress TY Fenny to be such a wonderful poet!

Transformed into a myrtle tree- Fenny this is such an elegant poem perfectly written. I love myrtle and i had a friend who’s name was Myrtle. Beautiful rhymes! The trees were appealing to look at with deep green leaves, white flowers and black berries. Fragrant like your poem! I like u refer to Zach where he head this vision. Moses were using these the fragrant branches for shelter (Neh.) It’s is a beautiful strong flower much more stronger than the skinny nettle in the desert. (Es.41:19) Very unique to write on this and gave me a chance to read about it, and my husband too. TY

Are you ready to meet your Maker

Another astounding spiritual poem Fenny! Who does not want to meet our Maker right now!! He declared us righteous because of his sacrifice and standards. I find these lines interesting – Far spent is the day and night soon comes.
It creeps in unannounced, like a thief
The Bible is clear about fraud and theft. Ex. 20:15; Lev. 19:11, 13; Mat. 19:18. You never can find freedom with God when you sin or are illegal. Everybody knows it by now. Certainly all true believers sigh over their sins and desire to be more like Christ. Some don’t ask forgiveness, so God fail them and turn his back. Some recurring sinners may suffocate on their supper before making peace with the Prince of Peace if they ever can ) A lot of fabulous work and thoughts about being a failure or a success with God. God bless!

Great God – Fenny you are out of this world!! I love you! This ode to God it’s H.S. full blast! He loves you a great deal i am sure!! God and his love are unchangeable. He created us to His image with love so we would return to him the same way love. He gave us also the freedom of choice, the ability to choose. He is not overwhelming. I love you refer also among All the divine attributes to compassion. He suffered With us. The part u praised him about his creativity… before the mountains, seas, flowers, animals, it was a big void.. hard to believe. He created the first dawn whoaaa that makes me faint…. Amazing love!! Your ode surely inspired in the good and great things He has done for us and it looks bright! He shines! Thank you so much for this will cherish it the rest of my life.

9/10/07 heavenly courtiers have come

This is above astounding Fenny! I have to read this many times again. Lots of profound thoughts and sincerity of faith. Totally relate to this – O what royal communion you have been joined! Arise, bestir, heir of God and joint–heir with Christ!
Luke 17:24 said .. light up the sky from one side to the other will the Son of Man be in His day. The word courtier is ingenious! Angels co-reigning being transfigured and pure as white for a new heaven and a new earth. They have never sloth around for sure! It is very strong also in heavenly hymns and incandescent brilliance of God. My own poems later. My husband told me he felt neglected so i have to write 4 him too. Sorry been busy with the Academy also God bless!

9/10/07  now is the day of salvation

A beautiful piece on salvation. You include all aspects of it. I like when u mention debunk procrastination a cool way to reach out! Heb 6 brings out a similarity in salvation calling it foundation to maturity. The only hope is Christ. Once tasted and shared, you are enlightened and inoculated in God-conscious. God bless! You got 9 points from applause

8/10/07-Great God (2)-waqar

Thank you Fenny for posting your poem. I realy enjoy going through your poems and love them a lot. There is no deep message hidden in your poems, they are simple to understand and a joy to read. I am always motivated and inspired.

God bless

Good job with this one – I like the use of questions for the purpose of self-examination…

28/9/07- When God Puts you on hold-Amber Riebe-Fenny, I really like this. It fits my life perfectly right now. I’m stuck in a place of knowing God has plans for me but I’m not completely sure what they are. Thanks for submitting this. It is very comforting and reassuring!

May the face of the shine on you and may He give you more inspiration and grace to write enduring, alluring and inspiring poems.


27/9/07 cherchez-God Gives us Wisdom- Unbelievable the poetry you write. It’s so enriching and delightful for the soul. The power of of the Holy Spirit is strong. I like the word wisdom. It provides superabundantly in meaning. It leads u out the valleys of despair. Your poem has an inexhaustible supply of beautiful words such as goodness, gentleness, greatness, insight etc. His Power never rans out! What u portray is no matter what our need, He is more than able to meet it. He is the Answer. God bless!

Powered by pen purpose divine

Ahhh another masterpiece. The Holy Spirit works well with you. Guess what i have some on your way for u too. Psalm 139:1 said..u have searched me and u know me, u perceive my thoughts from afar.. before a word is on my tongue u know it completely. He is omniscient in giving us knowledge to teach and share for other trials. I pray all the time for everybody including my husband. V. 9 says i rise on the wings of the dawn, i settle on the far side of the sea, your hand will guide me, will hold me fast. So i never worry one bit. These lines very powerful –
Love unusual, love unconditional;
Love continual, never ephemeral;
Love pastoral, personal, eternal;
Love spiritual, emotional and magical.
Carrier and womb of wonders and signs;
Love plenty for my 2 kings Him and him. No room for fears either with unconditional love God bless!


Delay deceives- Violet moodswings- Allpoetry- This really reads well aloud. Strong message and great flow.

Barnabas, Son of Consolation–  Rhonda-
…forgive and be forgiven, love as you are loved…pray for those who hurt you…so many layers and echoes here…and a lovely remembrance of Paul, Mark, and Barnabas…I am glad I had this morning off from work to walk through the garden you have planted here, poet…be well, Rhonda You got 9 points from applause

Let there be Light in the Night-Cherchez-
A poem full of light and hope! God is our Shield and our Refuge and Light! His light is sooo beautiful and it hugs you in blessings. Deut. 33:12 said that beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long and the one God loves rests between his shoulders. Can u believe it resting your head on His shoulder All your awesome poem talks about divine protection. It is a seal in enlightment. This poem is out of this world!!

You got 9 points from applause

Message: Fenny you are my inspiration too!!! I am writing spiritual poems 4 later. God did not give us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of love. That’s my husband’s problems. My whole church is working on him! It just feel awesome


Powered to Pen With Purpose Divine– Ahhh another masterpiece. The Holy Spirit works well with you. Guess what i have some on your way for u too. Psalm 139:1 said..u have searched me and u know me, u perceive my thoughts from afar.. before a word is on my tongue u know it completely. He is omniscient in giving us knowledge to teach and share for other trials. I pray all the time for everybody including my husband. V. 9 says i rise on the wings of the dawn, i settle on the far side of the sea, your hand will guide me, will hold me fast. So i never worry one bit. These lines very powerful –
Love unusual, love unconditional;
Love continual, never ephemeral;
Love pastoral, personal, eternal;
Love spiritual, emotional and magical.
Carrier and womb of wonders and signs;
God bless!


Simon the Sorcerer Sold out to Satan– This story is pretty powerful. And you write it well. Reminds me this one about a serpent like a black heart person, who sneak in the garden and said “Did God really..?” conditioning and buying time in all sort of ways. Evil always gets the fatal bite. I never worry one bit with rotten disaster. Magic rubs on me coz e i am a child of God. Mat. 12:24 says that even Jesus was accused of being the devil himself!! Unbelievable! I John 4:4 said because is He that is in u than he that is in the world. How much more The pic of my husband is in my church so he is safe with prayers. Very inspiring piece Fenny

There is a place by Me- cherchez-allpoetry- Your poem is strongly alive and active in guiding and fulfilling His will and extending the kingdom of God. It’s exciting in the growing sense of momentum and in the givenness of the Bible. Love these lines –
More beautiful than Eden;
A place of purpose and vision;
Great garden, divine haven.
Trade your gold for this place!
I, dinning with you and you with Me.
Your poem reminds me too Moses spent 40 years searching for the kingdom of God in the desert which he didn’t (Eph. 6:10-18)There is no extra revelation in human insights. This place of inspiration as you wrote is attitudes and beliefs animating a spiritual growth by the grace of God, the inner kingdom. Awesome. God bless


I Will Praise You- Cherchez- This is beautiful can meditate on this one forever Reminds me a christian band called Sonicflood when they sing You are worthy of my praise. Like that song. Praise with filled with holy spirit or the gift of tongues, praise is a gift centres for His spirit. I find this fullness of life in your poem. And it also opens your life in blessings. The Promise Land as a great exodus in a mixed multitude. What an awesome picture! Very rewarding to read you. You got 9 points from applause

Father, I come– There is a beautiful magnetic of goodness of Jesus in your poem which makes the quest absolutely vital Your words are hope and confidence in the Book of Life. The grace of God is our foundation, His death our centre and the dynamic is His spirit in every day of life. Beautiful worship of hymns in your poem and mystical holiness around His Word. God bless! You got 9 points from applause
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Good to Know God’s Ordained Monents

I agree with this inspiring poem. Certainly God predestined the believer from eternity to be called, justified and glorified and i find this too in your poem He does it without obliterating our freedom. We are under His regular care.. destiny and salvation planned from eternity in His providence over our daily welfare. You can’t get better than that. Awesome to read you. God bless. You got 9 points from applause


I will Go Anywhere with you- These lines are so beautiful –
I will go any phase with you
Darkness is lit with your light
You are Sunshine, my Beacon;
My Star, my Gem, my Jewel
The great quest starts the moment u were born. It’s a rewarding search even in the loneliest moments. It’s when you want and need that you prosper the best Lots of paths in guidance in your poem. Jer 29:13 shall seek me, and find me, when u shall search for me with all your heart. Like u said, any season, any moment. God bless

The Stoning of Saint Stephen– This is a nice poem. I have to think coz being French Stephen is Etienne. According to Luke, he was full of charm and power in his ministry and was a healer too. Reading Acts 7: 55, 56 it describes that vision he had in front of the Sandhedrin very well. Like your poem says he was the first one to have this vision of Jesus right next to God. I like this. God bless. You got 9 points from applause


Put Dangerous Dogs At Bay

Fenny another beautiful write not sure if it is in the spiritual context. In that context, I think of David when he was shepherding the sheeps and this is a true relaxing painting in my mind, Job 30 perhaps. My husband is so protective. Thank you. There is a lot of prophecies about them about the destruction of Jerusalem and Judah in Jeremiah. That’s all i can think. God bless


FROM: mary missildine


Hi Fenny! I haven’t heard from you in a very long time, but I can see that you are still writing wonderful poems. I pray that the Lord is moving greatly in your life and that you are very blessed!



Thank you very much, Mary, for your e-mail. It’s great to hear from you.

I hope you and your family are doing very well,.

Yes, I am still writing and posting.

Just like a pregnant woman I need to birth all that is me, inspire people to inspire others.

I hope you’re still writing too.

May the Peace love and joy of the Lord



No beginning , no ending- Soulfulwoman- What an inspirational and loving piece of writing. I can see your beliefs sustain you. Keep the faith and continue to write..Great job.
Soulful Woman


Masterpiece in the making-

aalpoetry- WOW your poem is for sure a masterpiece! A beautiful and inspired piece to meditate on for days! I find it superabundantly filled with holy spirit and full of promises. He did a fabulous job designing us with all the senses in appreciation. Just exceptional! You got 9 points

Cherchezlafemme; Fraankie; AnnD

AllPoetry pals; Kim6; soulfulwoman

Dear Fenny:

I have to make a request very humbly. Please do bless us with your poems and understanding of the scriptures with maximum of three poems a day. This way can concentrate on the poems and read them all. more than five poems a day makes it very difficult to read. Please do undersatnd that other people also write articles. It makes it impossible to read everything and then we are not able to learn new things. I hope and pray that you did not mind.

God bless you

Dear Dove

I am very sorry if I have overwhelmed you with many postings today.

As may well know, this is a new section which is being furnished with life-giving, life changing poems. If you try to read everything at once, you could be overwhelmed. My advice is that you pace yourself and prayerfully read may be one poem daily, meditating on the truth in it and noting what the Lord is saying to you.

Don’t worry, it will not always be like that. I happen to have some time on my hands and would not be in a position to post as many soon.

It would be great to see other poems in this section so if you find a good poem you like and which is not copyright controlled, feel free to post it and bless us with it.

Enjoy the blessing of the Lord: The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it. .

( Prov10:22)

God Bless you richly


What’s Your Worth-All poetry- I like this poem a lot and the scriptures attached to it. Especially John 17:23 that they may be made perfect in one.
But in your oneness with the Great I Am.
Not in your gifts and talents
But in your oneness with the King of kings.
Quite interesting. We can’t grow in maturity and perfection in oneness unless we are. It’s an aim but as u refer only achievable through His likeness once we understand it. Your poem is very strong in whole measures and fulness of Christ. Awesome

He came to Give Us life

Cherzerfemme-All poetry- Another great poem! When u stop and think about it that He endured unbearable sufferings for us, it’s quite remarkable and unprecedented in His goodness. Love these lines –
His Life- the God-Kind of Life
He came to give us peace-
His peace for our struggles to cease
The wording is very original and creative! His peace is universal in claiming eternal destiny of all people. Your poetry carries strong messages.

Heirs of God, Joint Heirs with Christ Allpoetry-Cherzerfemme- This is heavenly and richly penned. A lot of grandeur in this poem. Heirs of God in a covenant in the Most Holy Place. They belong in a very significant way separated but very closely connected ‘inside the veil’ (Lev. 16:12) Your poem is an inner sanctuary in God’s consciousness. Love these lines –
My unsearchable riches are all for you;
For those who are married and sold out to Me.
Nice you mention Eph. 1:22 God has put all things under his feet in victory thru Christ. I really enjoy your poem!

Born again into a living hope-Cherchez-allpoetry- A lot of smiles when i read this poem you use a special breed of words which is full of life like divine soap, bank of heaven, Him i will sick. The ‘new birth’ is everywhere in the Holy Book. Your title feels like a miraculous sign. You prophesy of people being born of water and the Spirit in beautiful regenerative passages.

Master piece in the making- Cherchez- WOW your poem is for sure a masterpiece! A beautiful and inspired piece to meditate on for days! I find it superabundantly filled with holy spirit and full of promises. He did a fabulous job designing us with all the senses in appreciation. Just exceptional!


King of Kings Pre-eminent One

A lot of wonder and greatness in your poem. Praise God It’s hard not to put in words and songs all the promises of God. His message is spread by a common language throught out the world. The Second Coming is near, time to be prepared. What i like from your poem is not only you grasp his overwhelming holy love but you understand and exhibit it in singing/writing it. Beautiful words from the heart. God bless!



The Preaching of Christ– Very strong and precious description of what is preaching the gospel. By the way, welcome to AP Love these lines –
But it is a life-line to those who are wise;
Noah’s Ark to those facing a flood;
Heavenly Manna to those starving
A breath of fresh air to the redeemed;
Grace of God – unmerited favour to the lost.
There is a lack of appreciation from unbelievers about these important moments. Christians face the searchlight of Christ’s enquiring gaze of the last day. We are always focused. Jesus in His many visions was ridiculed and put to death by very close people to Him who said they were His followers. God is our Confident and Protector in the wrongful judging of others. Your poem’s foundation is very secure in building the work of God and rewarding in salvation. There is a lot of knowledge in your poem. God bless.


Captain of Salvation

Wow is it ever awesome!! All the ion rhymes are in predestination You advocate perfectly destiny as a believer from eternity to be called, justified and glorified. Feels like a gateway of words in receive and believe. Just beautiful! Meditating further on it you affirm His greatness resting fully in both extremes, from ‘salvation’ to ‘completion’. Very clever! Like the lines about come for a New Vision and return 4 great visitation. Sets u in trusting dependence and run elect for salvation. Blew me away your poem

·                 Complete In Him

We are complete in Him as He gives us a full circle in our cycle of salvation.
I have give Him my mind to think through it. I trust that He will give me more mind-blowing poems to glorify and honour Him.

Thank you for your WOW Comments. I am also blown away.

I pray that this poem and others you have appreciated will be part of your spiritual diet, renewing, refreshing, reviving, changing, charging and challenging you to go from glory to glory and from grace to grace and from faith to faith.

Good to Get Excited– Another excellent poem. I get really excited too when i read your amazing writing!! Out of this world! When you look at the creation, when i paint, when i write, when i feel the love of my husband, i am very thankful that i can rest secure in Him. Your scriptures too are excellent. Like u said in Ps 37 He will give us All our heart’s desires.. i have to write a few of my own too. Awesome!

Dear Waqar

Thank you very much for your openness.

Hopefully we shall build and spread Good News enabling, encouraging and reinforcing forums and blogs.

Please visit the forum below at your leisure and see what help and advice you can give.  You may also get some ideas for new topic to include in this forum.  I believe I can learn a lot from you in view of your wealth of experience.

One great feature of this forum which is hard to find is the automatic notification  system.  It is wonderful that you encourage the spreading of the Gospel.  God would honour and bless the desires of your heart.

You may also  think of funnies (clean jokes, stories etc), word games, quizzes, Audio Poetry/ dynamic poetry with video links to Utube.

Bravo! Keep going from grace to grace and from glory to glory and faith to faith.

God bless You mightily


Dear Fenny:

Thank you for your support. I have some articles too on faithwriters. Let me tell you a little secret that why I started this forum.

I am still a member of nearly 5 Christian Forums but I never liked the behavior of Moderators and Administrators towards people. Although some of them have themselves a title of ministry but they are really rude.

If you do not agree to any of their posts, they simply ban you very rudely. This happened to many people, so I decided that I will open up a forum that will encourage anyone who wants to preach.

Certainly, non-Christian preaching is not allowed, but surely anyone who wants to preach is more than welcome. I never asked any members from those Forums to join me, these all 84 members are God sent. I do not advertise but I plan to do soon as I get little time to carry on with such activities.

God bless your forum and may He lead people in search of knowledge to your forum.

I would suggest to make a forum on hrrp://, they have some good designs and it advert free froum. If you need help, do let me know.

All Poetry- Captain of Salvation Cherchezlafemme-

Wow is it ever awesome!! All the ion rhymes are in predestination You advocate perfectly destiny as a believer from eternity to be called, justified and glorified. Feels like a gateway of words in receive and believe. Just beautiful! Meditating further on it you affirm His greatness resting fully in both extremes, from salvation to completion. Very clever! Like the lines about come for a New Vision and return 4 great visitation. Sets u in trusting dependence and run elect for salvation. Blew me away your poem

2 thoughts on “Good Reports

  1. Praise the Lord for the articles and publicity Fen! Keep up the good work and may the Lord continue to bless you and take you higher, in Jesus name. G.

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