These are Ecards created for your use. Apart from being motivated and empowered from them, please use them to motivate and encourage others. you may not be able to create them but you can send them to friends and well-wishers and direct others as to where to find this ‘bread.’ Some people may not have the time to listen to a sermon or read a long article. The short message, quotation or scripture may be all they need to go through their day. And please do not send them indiscriminately. Do it prayerfully when posting it to another website or other social media. Pray: ‘Lord, I pray that you would use this to motivate someone today.’








gooing after goods instead of God go after God good Success vs goods success dictionary and success failure is a good teacher failure is a ladder fear of failure2 failure & Success freeeeee now song He lifted me prophetic7 1Sam1 5-7 19-20 prophetic6 gen25 21-24 prophetic6 gen30 22-24 prophetic5 gen21 1-3 prophetic4 luke1 36-37 prophetic3 Ia54 1 -3 prophetic2 gen28 15 prophetic1 growthcol1 10 hope22 Jer17 7-8 hope4 Isa40 30 to 31 peace12Phil4 6 to 7 peace5 John14 27 peace4 Ps119 165 peace2 eph2 14 INSPIRATION4GENS growthPs1 1 to 3 comfort divive direction8 (1chro14 8 14 to 16 divive direction7 God's guidance10 God's guidance9 God's guidance8 God's guidance7 God's guidance6 God's guidance5 God's guidance4 god's guidance3 god's guidance2 god's guidance prayer prevails divine direction4 divine direction3 divine direction2 rest1 free now 3 free now 2 washed by the water God's plan come Holy Spirit healing words pro healing words matt8 2 3 ps103 eagle ps103 isa53 4 5 jam5 14 15 Luk4 18  19 Mk16 17 18 healing acts10 38 called out of darkness healing i receive healing rising with healing in wings ps92 12 to 14 s91 1 I wil lift up my eyes call to me Jer33 3 adversity a uni in His time adversity1 good success1

go into all the world anchore secure1 the sea is His1 soft answer1 be strong in the Lord1 the way of a fool1 those who know their God1 virtuous woman1 as the deer pants after water1 you made my mountain stand firm1 Lord you know me more have mercy on me ps63 Olord you are my god1 He opens and no man shuts before they call isa64 25 divine direction1 providence call and I will deliver2 ask and keep on wisdom of the kingdom5 wisdom of the kingdom4 wisdom of the kingdom3 wisdom of the kingdom2 wisdom of the kingdom1 future is bright touch of silver stanley full joy of the Lord heaven john14 2-3 free2 free1 ex15 2 hide me now doing beyond dreams2 He can exceed it doing beyond dreams strong through trial lifting the Lord shall rise3 the Lord shall rise2 the Lord shall rise lifting up evidence gratitude He leads and guides to the haven of Heaven religionvs relationship2 attitude of gratitude one way1 pray with importunity deep calls Ps42 7 Hear me Ps4 1 those that wait isa40 31 free now 1 call on me Sing O barren One reach out and touch narrow way2

beinspired1 twists the Bigger the Stone was Rolled Away embrace God's Grace1 the Road to Success (2) creationreflect creation When it is darkest crdaniel beinspired1

call to me Jer33 3

adversity a uni

in His time



good successA

love is patient

love never gives up

love never fails

peace like a river 2

waiting on God Isa40 31

apple value

apple  value

apples anointing

apples ideas

apples of gold1


attitude and altitude



apple Action

peace like a river Isa66 12

lift up eyes Ps121

quietness isa30 15

walk like Him


guidancePs32 8

how excellentPs8

yours is the greatness

heavens declare

we need each other

apples of Gold accusation1

God is speaking ru listening1

purpose jesus

those who dont want to fail

fresh and flourishing

kneel bfore god

if you havenot failr

man who has failed

failure a better teacher

fear of failure

failure not come to define


minus to plus

if you are afraid

desert land

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