I Love You ( by Fenny West)

i love you



I Love You

Alone on a long
And winding road
Leading to nowhere 
I trekked 
and trekked
And trekked
My world in my hands.
And my hands on my head.
And I thought:
“Where am I going?
Where is my husband?
Where are my children?
Where is my family?
Where are my friends?
Where are my loved ones?
Does anyone care?
Then there was a sudden sunrise
I lifted up my eyes to the sky
And He said, “I love you,
More than you know.
The road may be long, lonely
Arduous, treacherous ;
The weather may be cold
Tempestuous and wild.
But I Am always with you.
I will never leave you,
Nor forsake you,
Because you are mine.
I am your Maker and your Husband.
I am the friend that sticks closer than a brother.
I am your friend to the end,
A friend born for adversity.
I am your Lover to the end.
I have tattooed you on my hands
And will never forget you.
More shall be your children
Than the married woman.
You will be the mother of nations.
Your children shall come from afar. 
Kings shall come to the brightness of your rising.
So arise, shine 
Because your light has come
And the glory of the Lord
Has risen upon You!”

He made my day
And I burst out with a song –
A song of praise and a song 
Of Thanksgiving and a song of worship

©Fenny West 22/5/19

Good Night My Love (by Fenny West)

Good night my Love

You are a gem, a jewel

Clearly a gift from above

A diamond out from a shelł.


Good night my Love

Sleep well, sweet dreams

You are just gold, my dove

Together we’re a good team.


Good night, Apple of my eyes

You need a well- deserved rest

You’re a prize worth the price

You’re cream of the crop- simply the best.

Fenny West

©2019 May 20 2019




A New Man, You Are ( Fenny West)

New Man, You Are

New Man You Are, Without a Past
You have passed from death to life 
His blessings upon you are vast
All because Christ is Now your life. 

So Your New heritage has begun indeed
It all began the day you were born again
And whom the Son sets free is free indeed
And you were set free, with Him to reign. 

So make your calling an election sure
Give no room for the enemy to gloat
Be not ignorant of his plot, ploy and lure 
Take not his carrot, get out of his boat
Unmask him, use the Sword of the Spirit
Give him no chance, or bridgehead. 
Give him no loophole; for he is a foe
Come to steal, kill and destroy. 
Beware the little foxes that spoil the vine
They will pollute your house, the New wine
They are all out to destroy all that is divine. 

Beware the wolves that come in sheep’s clothing
Beware of Jacob disguised as Esau
He has come for just one thing: steal your blessing
He may say, “Peace!” but in his heart is War. 
He does not play fair; he’s an outlaw. 
So cast him out and shut well the door 🚪 
Use your sling and stone, put him down
Make sure he does not get up from the floor. 
Know without a doubt 
It is a spiritual warfare, 
Of this truth you must be aware
Refuse any truce or come cease-fire
Refuse any buffer zone
Or demilitarised zone
It is all a lie, a dangerous game to outwit you
Be not ignorant of his devices, stratagems. and sinister diabolical tricks to ensnare, imprison, blind and decapitate. 

You are a New Man with a New mission 
You are a New Man with a New vision 
You are a New Man with a New Mandate
You are a New Man with the mind of Christ
You are a New Man created in His image
You are a New man with the divine nature
You are a New Man who is a new Creation
You are a New Man made an overcomer
You are a New Man made a winner 🥇 
You are a New Man made to prevail 
Sin shall not have dominion over you
You are a New Man with that nature of righteousness. 
You are a New Man with that nature of holiness. 
You are a New Man justified by faith
You are a New Man saved by grace through faith. 
You are a New Man born for greatness 
You are a New Man who is greatly graced. 
And Who knows whether you have come 
To the Kingdom for such a time as this?

Fenny West 

Never Live Your Life On Likes (by Fenny West)

Never Live Your Life On Likes

Never Live Your Life On Likes. 
Live your life on your purpose. 
Live your life on the Word of Life. 
Be not perturbed by those who oppose. 

As many as are led by the Spirit, 
These are the offsprings of God. 
As many as are led to do His will, 
These are the children of God. 

Be not conformed to the World, 
Be transformed by a mind renewed. 
You are in the world but not of this world. 
Be proud that you have a New life, regenerated. 

Know who you are and Whose you are
You are born again, a priest and a king
So wherever you are shine as a star 🌟 
When the storms and rains come, sing. 

Sing like Paul and Silas in Philippi
Sing and praise with reckless abandon
In everything, give thanks to the Most High
Who’s given you authority and dominion. 

Dare to be different, to make a difference! 

Fenny West

How Loving and Caring (by Fenny West)

How Loving, How Caring! 

“I heard Him say, “Go there and speak” 
But I ran away, boarded a ship
Like the Titanic, I was bold.
I was wise in my way, in my eyes. 
Unbeknown to me, I leaked and was weak. 
I had betrayed myself, my soul sold. 

And down I went, drowning 
to a point of no return. 
Then I remembered my fault 
And cried out to Him. 
In the depths I raised a hymn of praise, 
I worshipped my Maker for His mercy, 
His wisdom, power, sovereignty. 
Like Paul and Silas, I was not silenced, 
Even in the rain, pain and grave. 

He was moved, quickly forgave
Commanded an earthquake 
To wash me ashore. 
And there I was, 
Even with a pillow 
Under my head. 
How loving, how caring! 

Fenny West