Totally His (by Fenny West)

Totally His:

going extra mile4 love is the greatest love never ends love never fails 2 crdaniel praise in the storm fiery furnace Hebrew three 4

By Choice, Cost and Conquest

Totally His is Me and Mine

 Not by my will but by His choice, divine design

His volition, His election, His decision

Not for what I have done

But because of the Son

My soul He has won, ignited my sun.


Totally His because of purchase- the great cost

a great price paid for one totally lost

he shed His precious blood to buy me

washed me , bringing me, wooing me

o what a great price-

o what love- to be deemed a prize.


Totally His: not by my fight but by His conquest

He disarmed principalities and power at my behest.

He laid a siege on my soul to make me His

He persevered till He pinned His blood-stained flag

Won my heart into His love-filled bag.

He buried my sins so none can fish.

So I will spend and be spent for Him

I will surrender my all to Him

I  will give my life to Him

I will be a living sacrifice for Him

I will be His epistle in my world for Him

I will always trumpet His praise

Sing His praise and worship Him

Eph1:3-4, 1 Pet2:9-11, 1 Pet1:18-19, Isa53:4-5,7,10, Ro5:8,10-11

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