Destined For Greatness ( prophetic Prayers) (by Fenny West)

Destined for Greatness going extra mile4

Destined for greatness ( Prophetic Prayers)

 In this Year of Greatness(15)

Rivers shall spring from my desert

I shall be sufficient in His sufficiency

When I go through the fire

When I go through the rivers

The Captain of Salvation

Whatever I lay my hands on shall prosper 

to the glory of God

I will not drown because

  God is in my boat

I shall not be burnt

but come forth as gold

My cup will run over

God will make a road in my wilderness

My dream shall come true

 In This year of Greatness(14)

I shall arise and shine

Because my light has come 

I shall be the head

And not the tail

God will take me ahead

and I shall not fail.

In Jesus’ name.

In this year of greatness

And God’s glory has risen on me.

And take what is mine

I shall see God’s goodness

 In this year of greatness(13)

I shall see God’s lovingkindness

Motivation and promotion.

I shall experience the resurrection power  

Of the King of kings and the Lord of lords

In this Year of Greatness

Those who do not know me will run to me

I shall summon nations

And  I shall be greeted with acceleration

In this Year of Greatness (12)

my fortunes Shall be mightily and speedily restored,

As I come out of prison,

To glorify the Lord of Glory.

In this year of Greatness

It shall not be a struggle.

God will elevate me.

And I will glorify Him.

God will fight for me.

Nothing this shall be impossible 

As I come out of captivity,

With interest,

The years that the locust has eaten,

  In this Year of Greatness(11)

I go with all zestI will be strong and be bold.

No more stagnation

No more procrastination.

I shall receive a new unction

To function to the glory of my God.

No more retrogression

Acceleration shall be my portion

I go for God’s gold

I go for God’s best

 I this year of greatness(10)

Angels shall be on assignment

For my divine appointment

From the back of the queue

I shall be promoted to the front

Enabled to mount up to surmount

  Enabled to soar like the eagle

Enabled to win any battle.

God will give me a new mantle-

Anointing to overtake kings.

I shall see God’s great faithfulness    

In Jesus’ Name.



In this year of greatness(9)

Kings shall come

To the brightness of my shining.

To greet my New Beginning.

When He begins to lift me higher.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

To greet my New Day of God’s power

God’s Kingdom shall come

 In this Year of Greatness (8)

I shall serve before Kings

As I rein in excellence

Everywhere, in all things

And God will take pre-eminence.

He will give beauty in place of ashes,

The oil of joy

 in the place of mourning,

The garment of praise

 in the place of the spirit of heaviness.

He will show that I am a tree of righteousness,

The planting of the Lord,

That He may be glorified.

In Jesus’ Name.





 In this Year of Greatness(7)

intimacy with God

 shall be as  gold

His anointing will attend

His Spirit will fuel, propel

Energise and make me rise

Defend, tend and send.

His word-promises- I will hold

in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

In this Year of Greatness (6)

Kings will come

to the brightness

of my shining

God’s grace will come

The treasures of darkness

And hidden riches

in secret places.

all be given to me.

The abundance of the sea shall come

Good success shall be.

In Jesus’ Name

And unfurl the





 In this Year of Greatness(5)


I Will rise from slumber

And begin to possess my  possession

debunking retrogression

procrastination and stagnation. 

And begin to conquer;

The sleeping giant

rise and be gallant

I shall see and be radiant

In Jesus’ Name.

In this Year of Greatness (4)

the Lord shall be my light by day 

And my God, my glory

My moon shall wane no more

 I shall be As a city on a hill

A tree of righteousness

A fortified city  

Trumpeting His praise and glory.

The Lord will establish me .

My sun shall no longer go down

The Lord shall be my everlasting light

Nor the moon by night.


In this Year of Greatness(3)

I shall be the head and not the tail

In all I do I shall prevail 

Foreigners shall build up my walls

And I will occupy my Promised Land.

And I will embrace it and be thrilled.

Kings shall come and serve me

And many great doors will be ajar.

I shall give  glory of my God.

My partners shall come from afar

 In this Year of Greatness(2)

My relational vacuum will be filled

I shall vacate grumble alley

And His mercy

To change my story.

 foreigners Shall prostrate before my feet

A joy of many generations.

And milk the breast of kings

and put their trust in the Lord.

Many will see and many will believe

I shall drink the milk I have been denied

God will make me an eternal excellence

Those who despised me

And His glory

I shall see God’s goodness


In this Year of Greatness( 1)

God will ignite

Instead of bronze

Instead of iron

Instead of stone

Creativity shall flow

And I will begin to glow

In Jesus’ mighty name!

Innovation shall flow

My inventive genius

He will bring iron.

God will bring silver

God will bring gold

I will see Good Success



To the Redeemed of the Lord (intimacy)

May intimacy with God be gold to you.

May rivers spring from your desert.

And may you be sufficient in His sufficiency

and when you go through

May God’s face shine on you

to reach the other side.

You shall not be burnt but come forth as gold.

You will not drown

because Lord 

will be in your  boat. 

to the glory of God.       


May whatever you lay my hands to do  prosper 

The Captain of Salvation

When you go through the rivers

When you go through the fire

to give you the grace to continue

the valley of the shadow of death

May your cup run over

May God make a road in your wilderness

 And may your dream come true.


Isa60, Jos6:7,


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