When the Spirit Comes (Fenny West)

oil2 hs 6 hs 7 hs 1 hs 13

When the Spirit Comes

He helps the helpless

Great anointing comes

The word is illuminated

He Energises; He Inspires;

 He leads to the cross;

Conviction comes;

Healing comes;

He works miracles

He leads; He guides

He opens up the word

Floods your heart with light

He strengthens and comforts.

He brings prophetic word

He shows you things to come

He stands by you and kicks in

like a standby generator

He unifies and brings divine wisdom.

 hs 12 hs 11 hs 10 hs 8

When the Spirit Comes

He glorifies Jesus.

He is the Master Teacher.

He is the Anointing Who

 breaks yokes of bondage.

He brings boldness,

And excellence,






through persecution;

Endurance in trials,

triumph through trials,

Breakthroughs through barriers

And miracles from obstacles.

When the Spirit comes

He will be with you and in you

 And for you and abide with  you forever.


1Cor2:4, Acts1:8, Luke4:14, Acts2:1-4, Jude20, Acts4:13, Acts3:1-10,Acts8:4-8, Acts5:15-16


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