Maintaning the Good in You ( Fenny West)

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God has great good stored in us through Christ- the exceeding riches of His grace. These good things are precious- pearls that should not be thrown to pigs.  We need to know how to maintain these good things in us. We have an enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy these good things.

First and foremost, we need to know what these good things are before we can protect them.  (see my articles on ‘ in Christ’: What we  are  and have in Him.

As a summary I have listed how you can maintain the good in us. I counsel you to search the scriptures yourself and note how to maintain  the good I you.

Maintaining the Good in You comes with:

Knowing the good in youHosea4:6

Accepting the good, acknowledging the goodPhil1:6, Eph1:3-6

Believing the good, boasting in the Lord about the good; being bold about it; being good because of the good in you ; being a blessing Matt5:13-15, Eph5:1, 1John4:17, Gen12:2

Be an imitator of God Eph5:1

Doing the good that you are and believing it; Be a doer of the word and not a hearer only James1:22-23, Matt7:24-27

Confessing the good in you Eph4:23, testify of who God is- faithful, merciful, ever-present, good, healer, provider, protector, His integrity, His love etc; what He has done for you and of His promises

James1:22-23, Matt5:13-15

Enduring hardness in regard to the good that you are and have and promised and hoping for 2Tim2:3

Repaying those who treat you badly with good Ro12:21

Watch your association 1Cor15:33

Mind your mind, renew your mind Ro12:2, Eph4:23, Prov23:7

Maintain fellowship with the saints Heb10:25

Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and strength, Mat4:10

Love your neighbour as yourself1Cor13:4-8,13, John13:34-35

Live by faith and not by sight Ro1:17, 2Cor5:7, Ro4:17

Water it with prayers 1Thess5:17, Luke 18:1

Live by the Spirit Gal5:16


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