The Holy Spirit: ( by Fenny West)

The Holy Spirit:

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God does nothing apart from His Spirit


Anointing who removes burden Isa10:27; advantageous ( Jn16:7, Acts10:38, 44)

Brings revelation knowledge, boldness(Ro8:15), builds up the believer, baptizes the believer into the Body of Christ (Acts1:5,-8:17,-10:44 -19:6, 1Cor12:13, Acts4:13, 29), bears witness (Ro6:16)

Commissions the believer into service, Comforter, Creative, Counselor (Isa11:2), convicts, of sin, come to stay forever, can be received again and again; symbolized as a (Jn14:16, Jn16:7,8,9, Acts13:2, Gen1:2, Job33:4)

Dove and dynamo, dynamic, Divine Person (Ro8:26, destroys yokes; Matt3:15-17

Empowers, energises, symbolised by (Acts1:8, Isa10:27)

Fire with a refining quality, can be fanned ablaze; Free Gift (Mal4:2, Spirit of the Father (Matt10:20)

God, Giver of gifts , gives us a cutting edge, gives access to God(Eph2:18), He is the Greater One who indwells us, Given to those who obey Him(1Jn4:4, 1Cor12:1-11, Guide (Jn16:13)

Holy One, heals, Helper (Jn16: Act5:32, Ro8:26, Jn14:17, Ps51:10 Luke 4:18)

Indwells Believers, intercessor, inspired the scriptures (Eph5:18, Acts9:17, 2Tim3:16, Jn14:23, 1Cor6:19-20)

Joined to Jesus; Jesus’ Spirit (Gal4:6)

Key to victorious Christian living, knows the end from the beginning(2Cor2:14, Ro8:37-39)

Love dispenser in the hearts of believers, leads the believer (Ro8:14, Gal5:16-18)

Miracles worker, makes the word come alive; makes us believers (Luke4:18, Acts9:40, Acts5:15-16, Acts3:1-7)

New creature Enabler (Jn3:3,5,8, Ro8:9, Ro8:1-2)

Only Wise God, opens our eyes (Isa1:2, Acts9:18)

Places believers in their place in the Body, prays for us and through us

Quickens (Ro8:11)

Revives, resurrects, reminds, refines, rescues, reveals things to come (Tit3:5

Strengthener (EPh3:16), Standby, Spirit of God ( 1Cor12:3) Shows signs speaks Acts8:26,-10:19,Spirit of Truth(Jn16:13), shows things to come, sheds the love of God abroad in the hearts of believers, Spirit of Grace, Spirit of life, sets believers apart, sanctifies, seals the believer(Eph1:13-14),Jn14:15,16)

Teacher, takes us to the cross, through Him we are born again; the world does not know Him and cannot accept Him (Jn14:26)

Unifies the Body of Christ, Unction to function to the glory of God (Eph4:3)

Very peaceful and gentle, very important (Jn16:7)

Wonder working Mark16:17-18,

Xcellent, xalts Jesus, xceedingly abundantly able to do beyond our dreams (Eph3:20)

You have to ask to receive Him (Luke11:13)

Zealous for Jesus to be glorified.(Jn16:14)


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