Who Is Jesus? ( Pre-eminent One) -Sermon and Songs ( by Fenny West)

Who Is Jesus?

jesus is my joy power in the name beautiful beyond - Copy - Copy

jesus loves you jesus welcome Christ  i did4 u  2 jesus interceding Hands Applauding praise him with a trumpet easter 5 he rose again cg29cq4[1] herald Christ  three crosses fiery furnace Hebrew three worship2 worship1 FAMILY REUNION LIFE AFTER DEATH 3 T stand and knock 015a_th CGE1 Living Waters 114-1010[1] j0283928 j0236249 018a_th

Triggers of Praise and worship

Ponder on each of these names and attributes of Jesus and thin of the implications and let His praise well-up within you. How do the import of these names and attributes affect you as a child of God?

Use these names to praise and worship Him in your closet and in public.

Note the scriptural reference and find time to go through them and let the Holy Spirit open your eyes to the implications- the ‘ Therefores’ or ‘hence’ Think also of His characteristic arising from these names and the benefits to you. And begin to praise Him.


Remember we are His offspring, the children of God endowed with the divine nature, His ambassadors (2Cor5:20), His imitators, His hands and feet and voice, His body. As He walked so we are commanded to walk (1Jn2:6). He delegated His authority to us (Mt28:18-20). He called us the light of the world (Mt5:14). We are His masterpiece created for good works (Eph2:10). As He is so we are.( 1n4:17) He is in us and so is His Spirit(Jn16:7). He said we will do greater works because He was going to the Father. (Jn14:12) We are His disciples (Mt8:18-22, Jn13:34) We are his habitation and that of the Father and the Holy Spirit (Jn14:23.




Who is Jesus?


Advocate ( 1Jn2:1), Arm of the Lord ( Is51:9-10), Anointed of the Lord (Ps22), anointed above His fellows (Ps45:7), Ancient of Days (Dan7:9),Author and Finisher (Heb.12:2) Almighty (Rev19:15), Amen (Rev3:14), Alpha and omega (Rev21:6) Addonia() All-knowingCol2:3), All-powerful (Matt.28:18 ) Apple of my eyes, Upholds all things by the word of His power( Heb1:3)  Adam (second or  last, 1cor15:45-47)

Who is Jesus?


Beginning and the End (Rev21:6) Bread( Jn6:41)Bread of Life ( Jn6:35), Blessed and Only Potentate(1Tim6:15), Bright Morning Star( Rev22:16), Beloved of God(Mt12:18), Branch of the root of Jesse ( ) Branch of Righteousness (Jer33:15)Beloved Son(Mk1:11, Bishop of our Souls( 1Pet.2:25) Bridegroom(Jn3:29)Best of the best, Beautiful Beyond Description, Bridge of Life, Bridge to the Father( Jn14:6)


Who is Jesus?


Chief Corner Stone (Acts4:11, 1Pet2:6) Commander in Chief of the Lord’s Army (Jos5:15), Chief Shepherd (1Pet5:4) Captain of Salvation (Heb.12:2), Comforter(Jn16:7)Amp, Chosen of God (1Pet2:4), a Class by Himself, Chiefest Among Ten Thousand (S of S 5:10), Christ ( the) (Jn1:41)Christ the King( Lk23:2), Christ Jesus (Ro8:2), Christ Jesus our Lord (Ro8:39), Christ of God ( the )Lk9:20, Christ (the Chosen of God), Christ the Lord (Lk2:29) the Christ of God (1Cor1:240)Consolation of Israel (Lk2:25), Counselor Isa9:6 , Covenant of the people ( Isa42:6)


Who is Jesus?


Day Spring ( Lk1:78, Door of the Sheep(n10:7)Door(Jn10:9), Diadem (Isa28:5), Deliverer(Ro11:26), Disarmed principalities and powers ( He Who), David ( Son of ) Day Star(2Pet1:19), Emanuel( RSV) (Mt1:23)


Who is Jesus?


Ever-present (Mt28:20, Eternal Life (1Jn5:20), Everlasting Father (Isa9:6), Elect (1Pet2:6)

Faithful  and TrueRev19:1) Faithful  Witness ( Rev1:5), First and the Last ( Rev22:13), Foundation laid in Zion( Is28:16), First Begotten ( Heb1:6)


Who is Jesus?


First Born ( Ps89:27) First begotten of the Dead (Rev1:5),  First Born among many brethren (Ro8:29) First Born of every Creature, First Fruit ( 1Cor15:23), Friend of Publicans and sinners ( Lk7:34)


Who is Jesus?

Glorious Lord (Isa33:21),, God (Jn20:28), God  blessed forever Ro9:5) God our Saviour (1Tim2:5)

God with us(Mt1:23), God’s dear Son (Col1:13), Good Master (Mk10:17), Great God Tit2:13, Good Shepherd  ( ) Great High Priest  (Heb4:14)Great Shepherd (Heb13:20), Great I Am, Goodness personified ( ) Giver of grace, Grace of God ( )


Who is Jesus?


Healer, High Priest after the order of Melchizedek ( ), Holy One of God, Humble ( ) Hope Glory ( Col1:27),   Habitation of God-head(Col2:9)Head of the Corner(Mt12:10) Head of All ( Col2:10),Head of the Body, the Church Col1:18, Headstone of the Corner(Ps118:22), Heir of all things (Heb1:2), Holy One (1Jn2:20)Holy One and Just One (Acts3:14), Holy One of God ( Lk4:34), Holy One of Israel (Isa37:23),Hope pf glory (Col1:27)

Who is Jesus?

Image of the invisible God (Col1:15), Image of God (1Cor4:4), Intercessor ((Ro8:34, Heb7:25),  ) I Am ( Jn8:58),(Innocent) ( Mt27:4, Isa53:7),Immanuel (Mt1:23)


Jesus ( Lk 1:31), Jesus Christ (Ro1:3),Jesus Christ our Saviour(Tit3:6 ) , Jesus Christ our Lord (Ro6:23), Jesus of Nazareth (Lk24:19), Judge of Israel (Mic5:1), Judge of the quick( Living ) and the dead (Acts 10:42), Just (the)( Zech9:9) ). You can also think of the names of God beginning with Jehovah and their meaning …Shalom ( peace), Rohi (Shepherd), Rophe (Healer), Nisi ( Victorious Banner), Jireh ( Provider), Shamah (Ever-present Lord),tsidkenue( Righteousness), Nkadesh ( Sanctification



Who is Jesus?

King ( Jn12:13)King of kings( 1Tim6:15), King of Glory( Ps24:7), King of Israel ( Jn12:13)King Eternal (1Tim1:17),King of the Jews Mt27:37),King of Zion (Zech9:9)King over all the earth (Zech14:9), My King!


Who is Jesus?

Lamb(Rev13:8), Lamb of God (Jn1:36) Lamb slain before the foundation of the World(Rev ), Lamb that takes away the sin of the world ( Jn1:29).Light ( ) , Life ( Jn14:6), Light of the Gentiles Acts14:37), Light of the World (Jn9:5), Lilly of the Valley( Sof S 2:1),Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Rev5:5), Living bread(Jn6:51 ), Living Stone(1Pet2:4) , Lord( Jn21:7)Lord Christ (Col3:24)Lord God Almighty (Rev4:8), Lord Jesus Christ (2Thess2:1), Lord Jesus Acts17:19), Lord of both  the dead and the Living (Rom14:9), Lord of All (Acts10:36), Lord of Glory (1Cor2:8), Lord of Host (Isa54:5) Lord of Saboath ( Ro9:29), Lord our Righteousness Jer23:6), Lord over all (Ro10:12)


Who is Jesus?

Man of sorrows , who bore your sorrows (Isa53:3) Master ( Mk12:14), Mediator between God and Man (1im2:5 ) Messiah (Jn4:25,26) Mighty God ( Isa9:6), Mighty One of Jacob(Isa60:16), Most Holy  (Dan9:25) , Most Mighty(Ps45:3 ) Miracle Worker,


Who is Jesus?

Nazarene (Mt2:23) Name above every other name ( with or given), No other One like Him; New and Living way ( made) New Beginning  ( Giver of )

Who is Jesus?

Only begotten of the Father(Jn1:14 ) Only begotten Son(Jn1:18 ), Only Wise God (1Tim1:17)

Our Passover (1Cor5:7) Our Peace(Eph2:14) , Only Potentate( Ruler) ( 1Tim1:17), Our Owner, Our Lover, Our Saviour, Our Sacrifice, Our Righteousness ( 1Co1:30),  our Redeemer….


Who is Jesus?

Physician ( Gt) ( Lk4:23, Power of God, Prince( Acts5:31), Prince of Life (Acts3:15), Prince of Peace ( Isa9:6), Prince of the Kings of the earth(Rev1:5), Prophet (Deut18:15,18), Propitiation ( Sacrifice) Rom3:25, Pre-eminent One( ) Pure


Who is Jesus?

Qualified to save us, the only One


Who is Jesus?

Ransom(1Tim2:6), Rabboni(Jn20:16) Rabbi(Jn6:25) Redeemer(Isa59: 20), resurrection and the Life(Jn1:25) , Righteous Judge(2Tim4:8), Righteous Servant (Isa53:11), Rock 1Cor.10:4), Rock of Offence (Ro9:33), Root of and offspring of David(Rev22:16), Root of Jesse (Is11:10)Rose of Sharon( S.S. 2:1),


Who is Jesus?

Saviour (1Tim4:10), Saviour Jesus Christ (2Pet2:20), Saviour God our…(Tit1:3) , Saviour of the World (1Jn4:14), Seed of David (Jn7:42), Seed of the Woman ( Gen3:15(, Shepherd (Jn10:11), Shepherd of our souls ( 1Pet2:25),Son of David (Mt9:37) Son of God(Rom1:4), Son of the highest(Lk1:32), Sun of Righteousness (Mal4:2), Sure Foundation(Is28:16),


Who is Jesus?

Teacher from God (Jn3:2) , True Vine (Jn15:1), Truth ( Jn14:6), the Life The)


Unspeakable gift(2Cor9:15), Unchanging Changer ( )


Vine , Vast, Very True, very best, very Christ ( Acts9:22)


Wisest of the wise, with the power of an endless life, wonderful ( isa9:6), way ( Jn14:6) Word of Life (Jn1:1), Word of God (Rev.19:11)

Fenny West2014

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