Get the Power Working ( by Fenny West)

Get the Power Working



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Get the Power working-

The wonder working power

‘And ye shall receive power

After the Holy Ghost has come…’

The same Spirit who revives, vitalizes

Rejuvenates, rekindles, invigorates

Is residing on the inside.


Get the power working.

Quit just talking

Rise in the name of Jesus

Drive out demons by force

You have dominion

You are a champion

Use the word of God-

the  dynamic , powerful word

the razor-sharp, active word.


Get the power working.

Wake up! Stop sleeping.

Arise and let your light shine.

Show your new nature – divine.

Show, you’re a branch in the Vine.


Get the power working

The whole creation is waiting

Waiting for your manifestation;

Waiting for your demonstration .

Get the power working;

The power residing within

‘this type cometh not but by

Praying and fasting.

Pay  the price and obtain the prize.


Get the power working

The Spirit is charging;

The Spirit is calling;

The Spirit is encouraging

Build up yourself

Speaking in tongues

The same Spirit who raised

Christ is resident in you.

Go from glory to glory

And faith to faith

Strength to strength.


Get the power working.

You have authority

You have ability

Go in this consciousness

And be audacious.

Make no apology.

Go with importunity.

Maximize the moment.

Be not indolent.

Flow with momentum.

Give demons ultimatum

Give them their marching orders.

In the Name of Jesus.



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