What is Your Issue? (by Fenny West)

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She had an issue
Issuing from the body
It drained her money-
A prolonged issue
Drained her self-esteem
No way out it seemed
It drained her of life
She was no longer a wife
Drained her blood
Drained her relationships
Lost all fellowship
Ostracized her from society
It decimated her finance,
Drove away her family
Drained her hope
She was on the ropes
And the count-down was on
She was on the fringe of life
And despaired of life.


Some said to her,
‘Commit suicide, I have a rope
For you, there’s no hope.’
Others said, ‘Give up,
it’s all over for you,
Take ‘no’ for an answer.’
Yet others said,
‘Why are you out
on the street? It is illegal
You’re cursed with a curse,
Go home, don’t spread the disease.’
The doctor said, ‘I am sorry Ma’am
there is nothing we can do for you.
You have a few weeks to live.
Go home and prepare;
say farewell to your family.


But she also heard a Good News
‘Compassion is in town.
Forgiveness is around.
The Healer is here.
Acceptance is about.
Others may write you off;
Others may reject you;
Others may say, ’No hope’
But He is the Carrier of Hope.
He is the God of Great Hope.
He is for you
He makes dreams come true.
He will wipe your tears.
He will calm your fears.
He will build you up
He will lift you up.
Your set-back
Is a set up for a lift up.
Believe and you will see.
Reach out and receive.


Then she said to herself,
‘Today is my day;
Jesus is the way;
In spite of the crowd
Who are so loud;
In spite of the barrier to bar;
If I reach out and touch
The hem of His garment,
I shall be made whole.
His is pre-eminent.
He is compassion,
Lover of my soul.
I make Him my portion.
Lord, take control
Lord, save my soul.


She dared and was not denied.
Her faith made her whole.


Reach out today in faith
Regardless of your issue
Be they many or few
And you too will not be denied.
in spite of your trial
Delay is no denial
It’s not over until it’s over
It’s not over until He says so




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