When You Please God ( by Fenny West)

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When You Please God:

When you please God:

He brings a great release

that causes you to increase.


When you please God,

He cuts your gates of brass shatters your chains,

promotes you to your place of purpose.

He makes your enemies your friends.

He opens His storehouse of treasure

and gives you the treasures of darkness

and hidden riches in secret places;

He causes the fires meant to destroy you to refine you,

beautify you, adorn you and make you come forth like gold.


When you please God you come into a class of your own.

He goes before you to make crooked paths straight;

The heavens open and you hear His voice

and favour follows you,

and you come out in the power of His Spirit.

Paul pleased God and God gave him a flood of revelation knowledge- what we are in Him, what we have in Him. Enoch please God and God took him. Jesus pleased God and the heaven were opened and we heard the voice of the Father saying, ‘This is my Son in whom I am well-pleased,’

So go ahead and please God wherever you go and in all that you do

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