The Soldier of Christ ( by Fenny West)

The Soldier of Christ…



Is a New Creation,
Born from above,
Blood- bought,
Created in the image of God
To have dominion over all
principalities and powers.

crossroadpaul converted

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Gen1:26,28, Jn3:3,5,8, 1Pet1:1:18-19, 2Cor5:17

The Soldier of Christ…

Soldiers on, presses on
Perseveres long,
He may fall seven times but he rises again.
He may be hard-pressed but he is not crushed
He may be perplexed but is not in despair
He may be persecuted but is not abandoned
He may be knocked down but he is never knocked out.
He uses the valley of Bacca as a place of spring
To spring up to the glory of God.
He goes from strength to strength and
From glory to glory and faith to faith.
He presses on for the mark
of the prize of his high-calling in Christ Jesus.
He puts principalities and powers
Where they belong- under his feet.

P84:6-7,Phil3:10-14, 2Cor4:8-9, 2Tim2:3-4

The Soldier of Christ…


Rejoices always.
In everything he gives thanks,
Knowing that it is the will of God
for him in Christ Jesus.
He prays without ceasing,
Wins his battles on his knees.
He fights battles but knows that
Christ has won the war.

dr dale Robbins power of praise & Worshippeace12Phil4 6 to 7 j0283928
1Thess5:16-18, 1Jn3:8, Col2:15, Phil4:4, Jn16:33

The Soldier of Christ…

Does not fear any evil
Even though he passes through
The valley of the shadow of death,
Because he knows he is not alone
God is always with him by His Spirit.
He walks by faith and not by sight.
He does not cast away his confidence,
Knowing that in it is a great reward.

God is present divive direction8 (1chro14 8 14 to 16
Ps23:4, 2Cor5:7, Heb10:35

The Soldier of Christ…

He uses opposition to obtain promotion;
Uses calamity and adversity as springboards
For climbing the ladder of life to a higher playing field.
He looks not at the things which are seen
But the things which are unseen,
Knowing that the things which are seen
Are temporary, transient and passing away,
But the things which are unseen are eternal.
He knows that his light afflictions are working for him
An exceeding weight of eternal glory.
When he is tested, he knows that he will come forth like gold
and that better will be his end than his beginning, like Job of old.

crdaniel eagle  coming eagle

Rom8:31, Isa40:31, 2Cor4:16-18, Acts8:1-4, Job13:15,
-42:10-12, Gen41:41, Dan3:1-30, Dan6:18-28, Neh6:1,15, Acts12

The Soldier of Christ…


Uses adverse winds to
Soar like an eagle, to glory land of opportunity,
Maturity and durability and fortitude.
His attitude is one that brings altitude.
Stormy winds that come to him
only come  to fulfil God’s will
because all things work together for his good;
because he loves God
and is called according to purpose.

healing rising with healing in wings

Ps148:8, Rom8:28, Isa40:31

The Soldier of Christ…

Is loved with everlasting love
And the love of God is shed abroad in his heart.
He loves like Christ, lays down his life for others
Thinks like Christ because he has the mind of Christ.
He sets his mind on things above – not on earthly things.
Because he knows that although he is in this world,
he is not of the world.
He is just an actor, a visitor, a traveller en route heaven.
He is citizen of heaven.
He is an ambassador of Christ, God’s field, chosen of God
a co-worker with God with a ministry of reconciliation.
He knows that as new creature in Christ Jesus,
the old has gone and the new has come.
He is more than a conqueror and
a partaker of the divine nature and an imitator of Christ.
He dies daily by disciplining himself as a disciple of Christ.
He welcomes the discipline of the Lord,
know that it is for his good- enable him bring forth fruit,
a harvest of righteousness
To the glory of God

heart word 1

Ro 8:37-39, 2Cor5:17,18,21; Phil3:20, Eph1:4, 2Pet1:3-4,
1Cor9:24-27,1Cor3:9, Heb12:11Jn15:1-4, 7,8, Jn17:14,
1Cor2:16, Jn13:34-35, Col3:1-2, Rom5:5,8, 1Cor13, 1Jn4:7-20

The Soldier of Christ…


He can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.
All things are his through Christ.
All things are possible for him
because he believes in the God who makes all things
possible and with whom nothing is impossible.
All things, and that means,
ALL things work together for good for him
because he loves God and
is the called according to purpose.
Ro8:28, Matt19:26, Phil4:13,1Cor3:23

paul converted

The greater One indwells the Soldier of Christ,
And this is the Holy Spirit
Who inspires him, propels him, controls him, guides him,
comforts him, strengthens him, empowers him,
intercedes for him, corrects him, rebukes him,
instructs him, gives him revelation knowledge
that is above natural knowledge and endows
him with the gifts of the Spirit for the service
of encouraging, edifying the Body and for
the work of ministry. He is totally yielded to Him.

1Jn4:4, Jn16:7,13, 14,17, 1Cor12:7-11,Eph4:11-13,
Rom8:14, 26 Acts8:26, Acts1:8, Jude20, Eph5:18,
Acts13:2, Acts7, Acts3:1-6, Acts4:29-31,Acts10:44-48

The Soldier of Christ…


He endures hardness as a good soldier of Christ
and fights the good fight of faith.
He is passionate about his vision
And sets his face like a flint to finish it with finesse
Like his Master, Jesus, like Paul did,
like David did, like Joseph did.
He looks to Jesus always as the
Author and Finisher of his faith
He suffers with Christ as to reign with Him.
He knows that as Christ is so he is. He is the light of the world
A city on the hill, a salt of the earth
and determines to live up to Christ’s expectation-
not by his might nor by power but by the power of the Holy Spirit.
He knows he has authority in Christ to rule and reign
with Him and exercises this authority in all areas of his life.

2Tim2:3-4, Heb12:1-2, Rom8:16-181Tim6:12, 2Tim4:6-8,

The Soldier of Christ…


Whilst often he suffers violence, he does not
Surrender but takes the kingdom of God by force.
He exercises dominion over principalities and powers
and diabolical spirits arrayed against him
and makes a public spectacle of them like Jesus
using the power that Jesus gave him over all the power of the enemy.
He says what God says, agrees with the word of God,
believes God’s report regardless of what he sees
or hears or what people say.
He is not perturbed by bad news
And remains of good cheer because he knows that
Although in the world he would have tribulation
he knows that Christ has overcome the world.
Therefore he has also overcome because of the indwelling Spirit.
He has a different spirit like Joshua and Caleb,
Like Paul , like David who was a man after God’s own heart.
No weapon fashioned against him prospers.
When the enemy comes like a flood,
the Spirit of the Lord raises a standard against him.
He gives thanks in everything, knowing that
it is the will of God for him in Christ Jesus.
He has an excellent spirit like Daniel and Joseph
and does whatever he does to his utmost and to the glory of God.

no weapon

Matt11:12, Isa54:17, Isa59:19, Dan12, Dan1:8,20, 1Sam13:14
Gen39:1-6,Num13 and 14, Luke 10:19, Jn16:33, 1Jn5:4, Ps112:7,Col1:17,23

The Soldier of Christ…

… does not entangle himself with the affairs of this world
But always ready to move when the cloud moves,
Because he is led of the Holy Spirit and not by his five senses.
He is prepared to be a ‘fool’ for God
because he knows that the foolishness of God
is wiser that the wisdom of men.
He is addicted to the word and fellowship with God.
That is why he abides in the word, wallows in it,
delights in it more than his daily food like Job.
He does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly
nor stands in the way of sinners
nor sits in the seat of God-mockers.
His delight is in the word of God
and on His word he meditates day and night.
And for this reason he is like a tree planted
by the streams of water that brings

forth its fruit in due season.
And whatever he does prospers.

good Success  palm tree

1Cor1:18, 20-21,25-28, Col3:16,
Ps1:1-3,2Tim2:15,1 Pet2:2Job23:12, Jn15:8

The soldier of Christ

is a warrior
He is ever ready to give a testimony of

Whose he is and who he is in Christ
and what Christ has done for

him and the reason for his hope.
He is not ashamed of the gospel,
knowing that it is the power of God
for the salvation of those who believe.

1Pet3:15, Rom1:16


 The soldier of Christ

Does not leave himself vulnerable to the enemy
but puts on the whole armour of God as to stand in the evil day.
Hence he covers his mind with the helmet of salvation
To prevent, ward off, and guard against
every insinuation and wicked suggestion of the devil.
He puts on the belt of truth to expose
every lie of the enemy whom he knows is a father lies.
He also lifts the shield of faith above all to extinguish
all the flaming arrows of the enemy. He uses this defensive
weapon by confessing the word of God like Jesus did:
it is written …It is written… It is written…
He calls those things which be not as though they are
and sees from a divine perspective. He is well-booted
with the gospel of peace, spreading the good news of salvation
which includes healing and deliverance and prosperity
and soundness of mind- the whole man.
He does not forget the robe of
right-standing with God that Jesus gave him
and does not stand in his own righteousness
which he knows is like a filthy rag before God.

Healer my God in Christ what have and are by his stripes

 Eph6:10-18,, Isa53:4-5, 3Jn2, Col1:12-13,
Jn8:44, Luke4:4, 2Tim1:7, 1Cor1:30, Isa64:6

The Soldier of Christ…

Renews his mind with the word of God
and has the mind of Christ by imitating him in all he does.
 The soldier of Christ loves as Christ loves,
overcomes evil with good, prays for his enemies,
does good to those who despitefully use him,
does not allow the root of bitterness to grow in him
but forgives as Christ forgave him.

love is the greatest word of God 2 ps119  11good successA
Rom12:2, !Cor2:16,Eph5:1,Rom12:17,21, Matt5:11-12, EPh4:31-32

This is the soldier of Christ!

Are You?

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