Memorise Scripture ( by Don & Dawn)

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Hey it’s Don here again.

I think Sam Storms, in his book on Colossians, describes well what it looks like for the word of Christ to dwell in us.

He talks about the Scriptures calling out to us.

“Don’t just read me,” they seem to say. “Feast on me! Meditate! Ruminate! Saturate your spirit!

Let my words wash over your soul like the refreshing waters of a cool mountain stream.

Hear them again and again. May they be permanently embedded in your brain, shaping how you think and live and relate to one another.

Don t be satisfied with a surface scan. Dig deeply. Explore me, word upon word, line upon line.”

Truth be told, for you to grow in faith, you need to regularly, read, study, memorize, and meditate God’s word.

There’s no other way really.

That’s why my wife Dawn and I are continuously inspiring hundreds of thousand of Christians to memorize Bible verses regularly.

There’s power in memorizing scriptures. Believe me.

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