Business Race of Grace ( by Fenny West)

Business Race of Grace

God's plan doing beyond dreams if you are afraid fresh and flourishing good successA in His time ecards God's time bis start1b bis start5 peter walking on water Banner A1 david and goliath4 books hands-touching sns multiple art good Success zion travailing sing a new song 2a Sing a New Song2

This is my dream or vision or assignment. I believe you have yours too. Your can see the progression of the vision and learn from this video that whatever dream you have is a journey. You do not arrive there in one day. Your calling is different from your career. You need to be acquainted with your Maker to open your eyes to your calling. you need to write down your vision, water your vision with prayer, put action to your vision, and persevere in your vision and pursue that vision regardless how small you begin until it is progressively fulfilled.

Do you want to start your own business? If so there are pointers in this vision that will inspire you to do what will move your vision further on the Road to Good Success.

This vision is very ambitious because I have a big God, able to do exceeding abundantly far above my wildest dream. If I can think it, He can exceed it. All things are possible with Him.
It is a corporate venture. We need each other. God is the Source but He uses channels. We need rope holders, vision enforcers, financiers, Video magnates, music producers and engineers, software engineers, accountants, lawyers, teachers, website designers, innovators, publishers, Marketing moguls etc. If you are led to contribute in any way, then get in touch as soon as possible and you can share in the blessing of the visionary.

visit and be inspired to inspire others

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