Growing in Grace 1 ( by Fenny West)

Growing in Grace- the wordgood success1

ps92 12 to 14
2 Peter 3:18
Grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Spiritual growth is a journey. It is not automatic; it takes time and effort. It is not like a fast food that you get quickly and that’s it, you’re full, your hunger is satisfied. Just as you need food everyday so you need spiritual food daily so that you can grow and develop in the spirit. We all need the milk and meat of God’s words. We begin with milk and continue into the meat. That was why Peter wrote: 2 as new born babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby,1Pet2:2
Notice that new born babies cry out when they are hungry. They will not give their mother rest until she feeds them. And when they are well fed they can play or sleep well.
So if you are not clamouring or craving for the word of God, there is something wrong and you need to examine yourself if you are in the faith. (2Cor13:5) The word of God is the voice of God, the counsel of God, the mind of God, the will of God. Through His word, God strengthens us, comforts us, warns us, directs us, instructs us and even rebukes us.(John 16:8,13;2Tim2:15; Ps1:1-3,Ps19:7-11,14)
When we are not hearing from God or being directed by Him then we are getting our direction from our flesh, other people or the world around us and that is not the will of God for us. Paul wrote if the carnal mind is enmity with God. Those who mind the things of the flesh cannot please God. If we live by the dictates of the spirit we live but if we live by the dictates of the flesh we die a slow spiritual death.
So let us grow in grace by feeding on the powerful, dynamic, living word of God- the light to our path and a lamp to our feet, which keeps us on the straight and narrow path of life that leads to a superabundant life in the spirit. Ps119:9,11,130,164,47,89,105, Heb4:12, Isa40:8
Let us pray:
Lord I pray that You will give me an ever-present hunger for Your word; that I will desire and crave for it more than my daily food and enjoy it as I read, study it and mediate on it. I thank You and praise you that as I do, You will comfort me through it, direct me through it and strengthen me through it. I make a quality decision to give priority of place to your word this year,in Jesus’ Name.

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