Obedience Brings Promotion ( by Fenny West)

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Obedience Brings Promotion

Obedience brings promotion,
Disobedience brings demotion.

Obedience brings elevation.
Disobedience brings stagnation.

Obedience brings acceleration
Disobedience brings retrogression.

Obedience sets you apart for favour.
Disobedience increases your labour.

Obedience brings provision.
Disobedience brings recession.

Obedience brings success.
Disobedience brings failure.

Obedience releases God’s hands
Disobedience ties God’s hands.

Obedience disarms the devil.
Disobedience arms the devil.

Obedience is the key to advancement.
Disobedience is the key to a downfall.

Obedience opens doors for you.
Disobedience closes door on you.

Obedience brings further instruction.
Disobedience delays further instruction.

Obedience brings light and life.
Disobedience brings darkness and death.

Partial obedience is disobedience.
Complete and continual obedience is essential.

Philip Lead to the desert to witness:
Outreach & salvation

Christ Is Preached to an Ethiopian
26 Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, “Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is desert.
27 So he arose and went. And behold, a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch of great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians, who had charge of all her treasury, and had come to Jerusalem to worship,
28 was returning. And sitting in his chariot, he was reading Isaiah the prophet.
29 Then the Spirit said to Philip, “Go near and overtake this chariot.”
30 So Philip ran to him, and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah, and said, “Do you understand what you are reading?”
31 And he said, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” And he asked Philip to come up and sit with him.

Blessing of Obedience: outreach & Salvation
35 Then Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture, preached Jesus to him.
36 Now as they went down the road, they came to some water. And the eunuch said, “See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?”
37 Then Philip said, “If you believe with all your heart, you may.” And he answered and said, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”
38 So he commanded the chariot to stand still. And both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water, and he baptized him.
39 Now when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing.
40 But Philip was found at Azotus. And passing through, he preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea.

The tithe
10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, ” If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it.
11 ” And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,” Says the LORD of hosts;
12 And all nations will call you blessed, For you will be a delightful land,” Says the LORD

©Fenny West2013

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