Peace With God

prince and princess eagelburger babies like eaglets sunset 2 TulipsPeace with God


Peace of God comes when you have peace with God and peace with God comes when you have made Jesus Lord of your life. Looking for the peace of God before peace with God is like putting the cart before the horse.
‘How do I have peace with God?’
Very good question.
It is a simple as:
Acknowledge that you are a sinner; that you cannot save yourself; that only Jesus can save you from your sin and reconcile you with God.
Believe that Jesus died for you and that what He did oc Calvary’s cross is sufficient for you.
Confess Jesus as the Lord of your life; surrender to Him. Tell Him to take His rightful place on the throne of your heart. Pray a prayer like this from your heart:
Lord Jesus, I admit I am a sinner- not by what I do but by what I am. Today, I renounce every self-righteousness and come as I am to You, my Saviour.
Lord Jesus, forgive me of all my sin of omission and commission. Wash me and I shall be clean and whiter than snow.
Thank you, Lord, for giving ma a New Life and peace with God. I am accepted in the beloved. I am a new creation. I am born again. The old has gone and the new has come.







Please let someone know you have made a commitment to Christ. You can also get in touch with me if you need further help.


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