He Took Our Place ( by Fenny West)_

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He Took Our Place


He took our place
Those gone astray
For us to come
To the Throne of Grace.


We all missed the mark
Set by the Way
All entered the night
When we turned our back.


The took our place-
Place of the lame
Set us all free
To see His face.


He saved us from:
Sin’s penalty: punishment, death,
damnation, alienation
He saved us from:
Sin’s power: imprisonment, separation, desecration
condemnation, strangulation and pollution.

He covered the past, present and future ( Isa53:4,6, Rom3:23,6:23,Jn1:29, Jn1:12, Jn3:16, Jn3:3,5,8;; Jn8:32, 2Cor5:17, Mt12:28-30; 1Cor1:30,Acst2:37-38,Acts16:31;Isa55:1, ,Luke 15:, Rom10:9-10,13; 1Pet1:18

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