Blunderers Can Bounce Back ( Fenny West)

blunderers can bounce back

Blunderers can bounce back
Regardless of great fall
Despite hitting the rocks
And it seems so hopeless.
The answer is the cross
The way out is Jesus
Who forgives and restores
He did it for Peter
He can do it for you.

 You too Can Bounce Back.


Thought he was a champion
Thrice he denied the Lord
Could not believe he did
Nearly wept his heart out
He thought it was all over
Jesus came and restored
Gave him new lease of life
He accepted forgiveness
And put the past behind
The Day of Pentecost
Revealed a New Peter.


Preached a fiery message

 Bold and brave for his Lord
Flowing with the anointing
Thousands came to the Lord
He was unstoppable
And became a leader
Shadow enough to heal
Had no silver or gold
But what he had he gave.

©Fenny West2013

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