Outreach Resources (by Fenny West)

reach out and touch

Use these outreach resources.
You and I are called to reach out to the lost. Some plant, others water and God gives the increase.

Outreach Resources
Something Happened

ABC of Salvation

Miracle Working God

You Must Be Born Again (AA).MP4

Come to the Cross

God So loved the world

Come Now to Jesus

Let Him In

Life in the Spirit

Old time Religion

Jesus is the way

Free Now!

Follow the Narrow Way

narrow way2

Narrow is the way that leads to life
But broad is the way that leads to death
Come, today, into the narrow way
Come and you will pass from death to life.

Come as you hear the knock on your door
Come as your hear the voice of your God
Today is the day of salvation
Come and you’ll be lifted from the floor.

reach out and touch

Reach out and touch
Those that are lost
He gave so much
To you – the Just.

The bread you found
In the desert
Release the bound
Sow from your heart.

You are His hands
You are His voice
So take your stand
Make this your choice.

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