Beautiful Fruitful Bow (by Fenny West)


Beautiful Fruitful Bow's coat 4 joseph's coat 3 joseph's coat 2 joseph's dream2 joseph's coat joseph pit test 4 joseph pit test 2 joseph pit test 3


Joseph was a beautiful fruitful bow, born after barrenness that visited Rachel for a long time. She who was barren sang when Joseph was born. His Father,  Jacob was elated. At last the woman he loved had given him a child, even though at his old age. Jacob celebrated his son with a coat of many colours. This brought jealousy and disdain and persecution from his brothers. Joseph suffered greatly but all his trials and tribulations were a stepping stone to a higher ground. Those archers who shot at him propelled him into his destiny. Joseph trusted in his God and displayed, purity, integrity, excellence, industry that set him apart from other. This fruitful bow prevailed over the archers flaming arrows and became a Prime Minister in a foreign land. Favour followed him wherever he went because of the mighty God of Jacob, his God. As you trust in this same God, regardless of the arrows that are shot at you, you too will prevail and fulfil your vision.

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