Mementos for Momentum ( by Fenny West)


Mementos for Momentum
Abound in all of our lives
If we will just care to look.
Amidst valleys God gives victories;
When you sought His face in prayer
And there was a breakthrough;
When the barren woman
Became the mother of children;
Like Hannah, like Sarah, like Rachel
Like Elizabeth, like the Shunammite
Like Rebekah, like Manoah

David had his mementos
As he reviewed the past
How God came through
As the lion and bear threatened
And he was able to take on Goliath

Israel had her mementos
After crossing Jordan
Reminder for the future
Reminder for posterity
Baton for future generations
Mementos abound in the scriptures
When He fed a prophet using ravens
When He fed him using a widow
How He fed 5000 with a boy’s lunch-
five loaves and two fishes
when he released prisoners from jail
sending angels as ministering spirits
so look back and recollect
look back and be reminded
when He gave a job
you were not qualified for
when your wall of Jericho fell
when the Goliath who taunted
terrified, tested and tried
came tumbling down
When your red sea was parted
And you walked on dry ground.

Friend, look back to look forward
We all have mementos
That can be a tonic, fillip
Trigger for inspiration
Building block of faith
Stepping stone to rise
In the day of calamity
In the day of adversity
When vicissitudes visit.

I have my mementos with the codes names that would bring the memories flooding back
Protection mementos: Ireland, immigration
Provision: Ireland, unemployment 2013, glimmers of glory
Relational: miracle wedding, Kingdom
Educational: acca
(1995, qtls (2013),
Ministry: Overcoming in this life; inspiration4generations; Home baked bread, videos, treasures of darkness, slings and stones, poetry prowess, three-fold ministry, word as fire, developing negatives
You too can scan through your live and find those tangible, undeniable moments of God’s faithfulness and be encouraged to move with momentum.
2kings 4, 2Kings 7, Gen21, Gen41:41, Jos4:1-5,20-24, Ex14:13-14,

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