The Story of Eloise

salvation story

Eloise, Rescued Mexican Street Dog

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. – Isaiah 58:10

Having compassion for and loving all of God’s creatures is an important part of being a Christian. It’s God’s will that we help the needy, feed the hungry and protect the weak, whether they be human or animal. Below is the story how one person’s compassion gave hope to one lost and helpless puppy.

                        I was cruising on my sailboat in Mexico when I first saw her sitting in the street in La Cruz. She was gazing at us in a restaurant, hoping someone would toss her some scraps. I couldn’t resist that sad little girl and went out to her several times. She was afraid at first but got over that quickly. She started waiting for me to come ashore every day in my dinghy. I bought dog food for her. She had mange, fleas, ticks, infected eyes, huge bald spots on her skin that were so sunburned, they were raw. I slathered 50 SPF on her every day while she was eating. A friend helped me give her mange & flea baths.

bought a small kennel, and the same friend helped me get her in it. She got her shots, and I brought her on board “temporarily” so I could try and find her a home. No luck. My friends laughed at me, because she was obviously meant to be mine.

She stopped eating and got sick. Back to the vet to learn she had Ehrlichia. Antibiotics and Prednisone took care of that. Then soon after, I noticed her fat tummy with very prominent little pink nipples that I hadn’t noticed before. Ultimately we had eight adorable puppies on board my boat for 12 weeks…they all got homes except two runts who didn’t make it. I cried over those babies.

I brought her back to the States. I was still traveling a lot, so my go-to doggy co-parents kept her. We shared, but finally they said they were too miserable whenever I took her away. We worked out a deal. They are brother and sister to me now, and I go hang out with Eloise and them and one more rescue I brought back later on whenever I’m in Washington. (I spend a lot of time there these days.) Eloise is happy and loved and has the best life in the world. Spoiled rotten, and that’s just great!

Lynne Stevens
Juneau, AK


The story of Eloise is my story and your story if you know the Lord. We were lost, going stray, hopeless, disfigured by sin, but Jesus came to rescue us and paid the price for us to be set free from sin. He restored us, made us whole and put us in His family, gave us a home and an assurance of heaven.

We did not deserve it , yet He came and transformed us inside out.


Can you see yourself in this story?


If so like

If you are still out in the cold and living in sin, come to the river of life and be washed clean, given a new lease of life. Come and confess your sins and acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  The Old will go and the New will come.  You will pass from death to life.

Fenny West



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