Forever Grateful

Forever Grateful



The going is good

Hotel is five star

Am out of the woods,

Covered in cotton wool,

Pampered, well-supplied;

Watched over, protected,

Served hand and foot.

What more do I want?

It’s honey moon

Five-course meal;

Spring water  and all

At my beck and call.

The ravens come to serve

On divine assignment.

Let the music play!

I’ll have it no other way.

 prince and princess eagelburger

babies like eaglets

Then the drum beat changed.

The mood and tone turned sour.

For a drink, it was gull and vinegar.

For a pillow, it was a stone.

Bread became a stone.

Fish became a snake.

Mama’s countenance changed.

I complained but it was no use.

There was fire in her eyes.

I was tossed out of the nest,

Much to my dismay.

Why? Why? What have I done wrong?

I could not believe my eyes.

Was  it a dream? No it was reality.

Was it a movie? No, it was my life at stake.

It was for real. It was no joke.


I was cascading down fast to my death,

 Plummeting into the abyss,

Going down to the dust of death.

My heart  raced a million miles

Facing premature death;

Facing concrete justice.

I gasped; my heart in my mouth.

 eagle waiting

I tried to cast out the demon

From her but to no avail.

I prayed against the madness

But mummy would not budge.

She set her face like a flint.


Therefore I said my last prayers

Resigned to die before I lived.


But just before I crashed to death

Mercy triumph over justice;

Something soft I felt underneath

It was just in time; in the nick of time

It was mama, right under me.

 easter 5 he rose again

She carried me on her pinions

Back into the hotel half-destroyed.

I heaved a sigh of relief, praised the Lord;

Hope it will never happen again.

But I was so wrong.

Soon it happened again.


O, she was teaching me to reign.

She was passing some skills-

Skills for life that I will need.

It was training for reigning.

The penny dropped and I saw.

Revelation dawned. I was wiser.

It was painful but gainful.

Divine direction was dealt.


Then I went with the flow

Began to learn the lesson

Spread my wings to go

It took a while for the flow;

Very awkward at first.

But I was determined.

It became exciting

I had a thirst and quest.

 step on warter to walk on water

Soon came the conquest;

I suddenly found my wings;

And I began to sing in the swing.


I could soar too, believe me!

I could mount up to surmount

And became a king of the sky.

 Eagle Odyssey- full flight spread

Thank God for mummy;

So wise to train me

Put me through the mill

Cruel to be kind

So I could provide for my meal

And pass on the baton

Fend for myself and offspring;

That I may stand tall

Be a bread winner

Be a life winner

And not a quitter.

Forever grateful!

Forever thankful.



lpraise the Lord


The molten process of an eagle is not a pleasant one. However, as they go through it, they come back with a new coat and a second wind that is able to take them to a good finish. Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will mount up with wings as the eagles….

eagle molten process 2

triumphant man

Great trials bring great triumphs


This man(William  Stanley) garnered  78 patents during his life time and left a legacy that is still a blessing long after he has gone.

William Ford Stanley

You too will finish well


Prayer power comes with severe trials.

jesus interceding

faith & prayer

The greatest enemy of the gospel became its greatest champion. He suffered greatly also but through it came 13 best-sellers of all-time.


See your Goliaths and giants as bread like David, Joshu and Caleb did and so they will be.


Live in the power of the Spirit


Keep your eyes on Jesus, not on your trials

eagle eye 1

2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you.


fiery furnace Hebrew three

eagle  coming

eagle Romance

eagle  coming




ps23 green pastures

all things are possible

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