Quote of the Day : Put your Dream to the Test

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Put Your Dream to the Test, Dr. John Maxwellwrites:

‘Going after a dream is like climbing a mountain. We will never make it
to the summit if we are carrying too much weight. As we enter each new phase of
the climb, we face a decision. Do we take on more things to carry, lay down
things that won’t help us climb, exchange what we have for something else, or
stop climbing altogether? Most people try to take too many things with
them…when successful people climb, they let go of things or start changing
them in order to reach a higher level…The payments required for reaching a
dream never stop. The journey continues only if you keep paying the price. The
higher you want to go, the more you must give up. The greater the price you
pay, the greater the joy you feel when you finally reach your dream.’

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