The Holy Spirit is Here

white dove 3 white dove 2 j0236249………..Okay. I’m not religious, but I have questions about the practice of speaking in tongues (Two pastors claimed the ‘ability’ and made quite a show of it during sermons.

What is it exactly? What (if any) purpose does it serve?
When, and where, did this form of speaking originate?
Is there any legitimacy to this practice?

Please, someone–educate me.


Speaking in tongues is an evidence of receiving a gift power from Jesus which He promises His followers( disciples) before He ascended after His resurrection. This power comes from the Holy Spirit, Who is the third Person in the God head. (Acts1:8, Acts2:1-4, John16:7-11)

Without the power of the Holy Spirit, believers will be very weak and will be defeated in their Christian living. This is why the Holy Spirit is essential for those who have believed.( Rom8:1-2,11)

There are Christians who are unaware of the power of the Holy Spirit as it was in those days. Such Christian will be weak in their walk with the Lord; their knowledge of the Scriptures will also be shallow because they Holy Spirit is the teacher Who illuminates God’s Word (Acts19:1-6).

On the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the Believers for the first time, there were unbelievers who heard the believers speak in tongue after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as they spoke in languages they had not learnt and they marvelled. Some were however sceptical and thought they were drunk and Peter had to address their scepticism with powerful sermon that led to the salvation of about 3000.

Peter, who was hitherto timid, previously in hiding, and the man who had denied Jesus three times, became fiery, bold and empowered by the Holy Spirit.( Acst2:12-41)

What are the benefits of the Holy Spirit? I will give you just a few:


1. He gives you power over sin ( Romans8:1-2)

2. He speaks to the believer and addresses their circumstances, giving them divine direction(Acts16:6-7)

3. He brings about healing, revival ( Romans8:11)

4. He is the Comforter and will comfort you in your distress if He lives inside of you(2Cor1:3-4,Ac 28:10,23,24)

5. He will show you things to come- revelation ( John16:13,Ac9:10-17)

6. He prays for you according to the perfect will of God ( Rom8:26)

7. He gives us assurance that we are children of God and that heaven is our home when we die.(Ro8:16)

8. He our Standby and Helper when we need help or when we need the power of God to kick in in our difficulties ( John16:7)

9. He will convict us of sin and bring us to the place of repentance( John16:7-11)

10. He brings about the miraculous (Acts8:1-6,Ac5:15-16)

11. He brings about order in our life where there is chaos (Gen1:1-2)

12. He makes the word of God come alive and relevant to us in the present day.( John16:14)

13. When you speak in tongues you are speaking mysteries- praising God, which can trigger breakthroughs in your life, like Paul and Silas( 1Co14:1-2, Acts16)

14.When you speak in tongues you are building up yourself; pepping up your spiritual immune system, like topping up your  credit on your mobile phone or electricity if you use a meter.( 1Cor14:3,Jude20)

I hope this has been helpful

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